An Analysis of the Ukraine Transcript

An Analysis of the Ukraine Transcript
November 8, 2019 Comments Off on An Analysis of the Ukraine Transcript International Affairs, Local Politics, RNHA News Articles Robert Cross

After the failed Muller investigation Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats attempting to impeach President Trump based on an alleged “quid pro quo” scheme in the Ukraine call transcript. The Ukraine transcript does not support the allegations against President Trump. In the Ukraine transcript, President Zelenskyy and President Trump, discuss two separate topics the purchase of Javelins and another is a joint investigation of Hunter Biden, Cloudstrike, and the Severs.

If you read the Ukraine call transcript closely it is President Zelenskyy tells President Trump that he wants to drain the swamp in his own country. The Zelenskyy administration in Ukraine is going after corrupt officials to create a better government for their people. President Trump did not ask President Zelenskyy anything that he was not already planning to do. As the conversation progress, he then asks to buy more Javelins from the United States of America.

President Trump shifts the conversation to discuss the possibility of a joint investigation into the Servers, Cloudstrike, and Hunter Biden. These are three specific incidents that could themselves be articles. This article will focus on Joe and Hunter Biden’s suspicious dealings in Ukraine. Glen Beck in an episode of Blaze T. V breaks down the timeline for the Ukraine Scandal. In 2014, during the Obama administration, Russia invades Crimea a territory under the sovereignty of Ukraine. Former President Obama placed then-Vice President Joe Biden as his point man in Ukraine. This placed Joe Biden in contact with many of Ukraine’s leaders, and he made 5 trips to Ukraine between 2014-2017. Joe Biden’s sons and their friend Devon Archer started a company called Rosemont Capital that has an important branch, Rosemont Seneca. Devon Archer an associate of Rosemont Seneca met with Joe Biden in March 2014 and then one month later Joe Biden met with the leaders in Ukraine.

During his meeting in Ukraine, Joe Biden brought plans for the U. S government to give a 1.8 billion dollar loan to Ukraine to stabilize the natural gas industry. One of the stipulations for receiving funds from this loan is that the U. S natural gas experts teach them how to extract natural gas.  Mykola Zlochevsky and Kolomoysky’s company Burisma wanted a piece of the 1.8 billion dollar loan and the day after Joe Biden met with leaders in Ukraine Devon Archer as appointed to the board of Burisma. Three weeks later Hunter Biden is made a board member by Burisma as well. The 1.8 billion dollar loan was placed into another of Kolomoysky’s companies’ Privatbank. U. S government flagged  Kolomoysky from obtaining a visa or entering the United States of America. He is an extremely dangerous Oligarch.

After these transactions, Kolomoysky was permitted to get a visa and was allowed into the United States of America. Mykola Zlochevsky and Burisma have been investigated 15 times for money laundering and tax evasion by Ukraine and the nations of Europe. Ukrainian General Prosecutor  Yuriy Lutsenko accused Burisma of conspiracy and tax evasion for 70 million dollars. Burisma paid 7.44 million in back taxes between 2014-2015 to avoid criminal charges in Ukraine.

In October 2019, General Prosecutor Ruslan Riaboshakpa of Ukraine is reviewing the 15 cases. The U. S government placed 1.8 billion dollars into the bank of Kolomoysky a corrupt oligarch with no transparency. Joe Biden’s presence in Ukraine and his placement of 1.8 billion dollar loan, the placement of the loan in Privatbank and Hunter Biden placement on the Burisma board merits investigation. There are a lot of suspicious coincidences and questions that can only be answered by working with the Ukraine Government.

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