Author: Emma Jimenez

Hispanic Americans are Thriving Under Trump’s Presidency
October 20, 2019 RNHA News Articles,Uncategorized Emma Jimenez

There is no question that the Hispanic community is thriving under Donald Trump’s presidency and could very well lead him to a second-term presidential victory. Since President Trump took office, Hispanic American unemployment and poverty rates have hit record lows. The president’s commitment to Hispanic Americans is evident from the results. Hispanics Americans are thriving as

Bienvenido Brings Their Conservative Message to Los Angeles, CA
October 9, 2019 Local Politics,RNHA News Articles Emma Jimenez

Bienvenido Brings Their Conservative Message to Los Angeles, CA Emma Jimenez October 9, 2019   On the weekend of October 4th, Bienvenido, a nonpartisan grassroots organization that helps promote conservatism throughout the United States, joined forces with a group of young Hispanic influencers and took its message to Los Angeles, California. Bienvenido translates to “welcome”

Maduro’s Reign of Terror and The Venezuelan Temporary Protected Status Act of 2019
February 14, 2019 International Affairs,RNHA News Articles Emma Jimenez

Venezuela was once one of the wealthiest countries in South America, but today, it is in shambles facing an economic, humanitarian, and security crisis. This is largely due to president Nicolás Maduro’s dictatorship and poor leadership, which has corrupted Venezuela’s once-democratic institutions. More than three million Venezuelans are fleeing Maduro’s socialist government and seeking refuge

The Ugly Truth about Fake News
February 9, 2019 Latest,Local Politics,RNHA News Articles Emma Jimenez

What is “fake news?” Fake news is a type of one-sided journalism that consists of deliberate misinformation that can be spread via traditional print articles, broadcast news, or online social media. It can spread quicker than a cold. A great majority of fake news stories rely on “outrage” by using distorted headlines and decontextualized or dubious information in order to generate likes,

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