CNN Host Brooke Baldwin is the Word Police

CNN Host Brooke Baldwin is the Word Police
October 29, 2018 No Comments » RNHA News Articles Robert Cross

CNN Host Brooke Baldwin appeared on The Colbert Show defending her position on calling her guest out on using the “mob.” Baldwin then tells Colbert that she does not want to be the word police, but she had to call him out on it. In English, the conjunction “but” is used to cancel the previous phrase and put emphasis on the words coming after it. Essentially when we break down Baldwin’s sentence, she is telling us that she is the word police and calls out talking points she disagrees with.

Brooke Baldwin unanimously decided that the language police should censor the word “mob.” I mean how dare he come on her show and call a large crowd of disorderly people who use violence and intimidation against an individual by its name. Leave it to CNN to call out people for using words correctly. This should not be a surprise to anyone, the radical left is known to change the meaning of preexisting words, use words out of context and create words on a whim.

The Radical Left has been using the tactic of censoring words and changing their meaning for years to silence the discourse. The truth is liberals like Brooke Baldwin do not want individuals to hear differences of opinion. The word “mob” is the latest in a long line of words that the Radical Left unanimously decided are off-limits. She does not want people to use the word “mob” on her show because she is afraid that people will understand the truth.

The truth is that there are violent mobs across the country that are using fear and intimidation to control the population. Many cities like Portland and San Bernardino have descended into the lawlessness and chaos of the mob. All the while liberals like Brook Baldwin are more concerned with terminology than the safety of our families.

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Robert Cross Robert Cross is Spaniard and Cuban on his mother’s side. He started his career in public service working in local ministries that provided education assistance to k-12 students in San Bernardino County, and low-income assistance to disabled people, veterans and refugees. He has been a published in Borgen Project Magazine and Borgen Project Blog, Collaborator, Medium and the Classy Libertarian. Robert earned a master’s degree in Public Policy and International Affairs from Liberty University and a bachelor’s degree in History from the California State University of San Bernardino. If you enjoyed the article and would like to see more, become a member or donate to the RNHA today! The Republican National Hispanic Assembly is a not for profit organization. We are an independent media institution funded by small donors. We depend on you to continue to produce quality content.

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