How Socialism left Honduras in Ruin

How Socialism left Honduras in Ruin
December 5, 2018 No Comments » History, RNHA News Articles Ariel Rivera

Socialism has affected thousands of people in Latin American countries. One country that fell under socialist rule in Honduras. Honduras’s history of left-wing presidents is riddled with, the murder of children, declining economies and corruption.

Two leaders in Honduras showed a lot of similarities with the Democratic party in the United States, Manuel Zelaya, and Roberto Flores. Both former presidents heavily regulated the Honduran economy during their term and attempted to change the constitution without the people’s consent or knowledge.

Roberto Flores, who was elected in 1997, promised to have adjusted salaries to prevent inflation and provided people with free services such as education, similar to Democrats that call for free higher education for all. During his tenure, he vowed to fight crime. His approach was different, he wanted the government to send out death squads to kill children “suspected” of gang activity. A total of 1,000  children were killed by these death squads. The United States government led by William “Bill” Clinton, praised the acts and stated that it should progress. This is not surprising given that during Clinton’s presidency increased the number of people in prison.

Despite Honduras’s 60% poverty rate, Manuel Zelaya promised that he will bring free electricity and raise the minimum wage by 80%. Raising the minimum wage is something Democrats support despite the possibility of workers being laid off. He also supported the continuation of killing children and teenagers that were found in the streets of Honduras. Manuel Zelaya has also expressed that he is friends with then Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez. He was soon taken out of power in a 2009 coup after he attempted to illegally change the constitution to give himself another 4 years as president. Former President Barack Obama condemned the act and called it “illegitimate” which shows not only his support for a socialist power in Central America but also his support for Venezuela’s socialist government.

The effects of these socialists platforms are still present today in Honduras. Honduras has the second-highest homicide rate in the world, people fleeing Honduras in today’s caravan state that they are leaving their country because of food insecurity, and poverty in Honduras is at 60%.  Socialists make empty promises and, in this case, use the genocide of children to keep the people silent and obedient. The failed economy and the murder of thousands of children will forever be a stain in socialist history.

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