Elisa Slider Kicks off RNHA’s First Candidate Forum

Elisa Slider Kicks off RNHA’s First Candidate Forum
October 15, 2018 No Comments » News Robert Cross

Elisa Slider, chairwoman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly’s (RNHA) Nevada branch, hosted the First Republican Candidate Forum in Las Vegas, Nevada with the assistance of the National Republican Black Caucus. The speakers at the event were: Victoria Seaman, a former assemblywoman, Scott Hammond, the incumbent senator from Nevada, and former T.V reporter, Michelle Mortensen. The forum was a resounding success with over a hundred people in attendance. The forum took place in the furniture showroom at the World Market Center.

Elisa Slider is the daughter of a Cuban-American whose family fled to the United States of America during the Castro Regimes rise to power. Inspired by her family’s struggle and witnessing the torment caused by socialism, she stepped up as a voice for Hispanics in Las Vegas, Nevada. Slider stated that prior to the First Republican Candidate Forum, the Republican party in Nevada barely conducted any Hispanic outreach. Elisa Slider and the Republican National Hispanic Assembly are stepping up to fill the void.

Approximately 789,000 Hispanics live in Nevada which accounts for 28% of the state’s population. This means that the voices of over 28% of Nevada’s population are not being heard by the Republican Party. There are 27.3 million eligible Hispanic voters that live in the United States of America. During the 2016 election, 29% of the Hispanic population voted for President Trump which accounts for 8 million Hispanics across the United States of America. The GOP in Nevada is missing out on 28% of the state’s population, which will harm the party’s standing in the future. The Republican Party will have to adapt if it is going to survive. Conducting outreach the Hispanic population will not only maintain its survival but also increase its presence in Nevada politics.

Slider’s Forum was a resounding success in introducing the Hispanic community to their Republican candidates, during the Nevada primaries. The fact that 29% of the Hispanic community voted for Trump in the 2016 Presidential election, indicates a growing disillusionment among the Hispanic community with the democratic party. The Republican party has the opportunity to break the liberal stronghold in the electorate. It is important that the GOP intensify their efforts and begin reaching out to the Hispanic community during elections.

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