#WalkAway from Democrats March Draws Thousands of America-Loving Patriots

#WalkAway from Democrats March Draws Thousands of America-Loving Patriots
November 18, 2018 No Comments » News Natalia Godoy

#WalkAway from Democrats March Draws Thousands of America-Loving Patriots

By Natalia Godoy

November 16th, 2018

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Over 5,000 people and 31 public speakers joined together on Saturday, October 28th to urge liberals to leave the Democrat party behind. The march took place on Pennsylvania Avenue in the nation’s capital. Those speakers included Diamond & Silk, Dinesh D’Souza, and former presidential nominee Herman Cain.

The founder of this movement Brandon Straka, came forward five months ago with his proposal on a video that went viral on social media. In the video, Straka urges others who are fed up with the failed policies and mob rule mentality of today’s Democrat party to leave it.

The #WalkAway march featured a sea of red, white and blue participants, celebrating their freedom, waving flags and wearing MAGA hats. During the rally there was zero violence, zero cars burning and zero personal property destroyed. This was a peaceful rally made-up of America loving patriots who feel disillusioned with what the Democrat party has become.

The successful event to support president Trump and Republicans ahead of midterm elections on November 6th caught the attention of President Trump who tweeted his support.

“Walkaway from the Democrat Party movement marches today in D.C. Congratulations to Brandon Straka for starting something very special”

The #WalkAway movement has now accrued over 95,000 Twitter followers and 2.6 million views of Straka’s introductory video.

“We’re walking away from the Democratic Party and literally walking toward freedom,” #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka told Fox News

Straka said he’s most proud that minority groups, such as Latinos, African-Americans and the LGBTQ community, have embraced his movement. “These minority groups that I think the Democratic Party has had sort of a stranglehold for so long on, they are walking away,” he added, “They want to be self-empowered.

The Republican National Hispanic Assembly would also like to congratulate and extend our support to the outstanding movement Mr. Straka has created.

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Natalia Godoy is a Chilean American, full time accomplished political writer. She has dedicated her life to reaching out to the Latino community.  Has contributed with freelance interpretation services to local churches and is a former radio show host in Seattle, WA. She has been involved in helping Latina victims of domestic violence abuse. She has appeared as a guest in various conservative media platforms. She’s currently working on publishing her first book and building her “Red-Pill Site” to spread the conservative cause further.

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