Where is the Young Latino Leadership Summit?

Where is the Young Latino Leadership Summit?
November 18, 2018 No Comments » News Natalia Godoy

Where is the Young Latino Leadership Summit?

By Natalia Godoy

November 17th, 2018


President Trump invited hundreds of young black conservative leaders to the White House last Friday, October 28, 2018. This was the first ever Young Black Leadership summit being put on by Turning Point USA. We are seeing an amazing awakening of the black community in our country. Amazing leaders from across the nation are rising, inspiring and encouraging others in their own community. Not surprisingly President Trump has multiplied his support in the black community since the election back in 2016.

President Trump has proven time and time again that he is the President for “We The People”. His election victory has indeed meant a victory for all Americans, even to those who did not vote for him, but are now enjoying the fruits of his election. We know what that means and how this is such a crucial moment in history. POTUS has certainly rocked the political arena and the MAGA movement is growing as the population starts to notice and wake up from the illusion of what the Democrat party had sold them under false pretenses. He has triggered an amazing cultural shift and we all have been given the choice to be collaborators or simply watch from the sidelines while everything unfolds.

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Latinos are another community where President Trump’s approval has dramatically increased. The growing support for our president would surely surprise many, but Latinos are waking up to the reality that under president Trump’s leadership we are thriving, and his policies and legislation reduction has stimulated small business. Latinos are by far the most entrepreneurial demographic in a America, it is no wonder his popularity rises rapidly among the community. No President in the past has been able to create such an uproar among minorities; Latinos are exceptionally becoming energized, hopeful and excited due to the Trump effect.

This beautiful thing that just happened to black young leaders is what it needs to happen in our own Hispanic community. We need our own leaders to go to the White House, to signal that we are also willing to work with POTUS to help him do what we voted him for. To “Make America Great Again.”

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Natalia Godoy is a Chilean American, full time accomplished political writer. She has dedicated her life to reaching out to the Latino community.  Has contributed with freelance interpretation services to local churches and is a former radio show host in Seattle, WA. She has been involved in helping Latina victims of domestic violence abuse. She has appeared as a guest in various conservative media platforms. She’s currently working on publishing her first book and building her “Red-Pill site” to further spread the conservative cause.


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