Comedian Paul Rodriguez supports Trump

Comedian Paul Rodriguez supports Trump
December 2, 2018 No Comments News RNHA

Comedian Paul Rodriguez supports Trump

By Frank Gonzalez

December 2, 2018



Comedian Paul Rodriguez has opened Pandora’s box. After a recent TMZ interview, where Rodriguez explained his support for President Trump, the backlash from the liberal mainstream media has been relentless. Luckily their low ratings and lack of trust from the American people has dissolved their credibility and only strengthens Rodriguez’ recent comments. The Republican National Hispanic Assembly is a home for many Hispanic Americans like Paul Rodriguez. After coming out as Republican, many conservatives of all nationalities and age groups quickly realize how aggressive “progressive Democrats” really are. Their true colors come out and all bets are off. From calls to violence from activists like Jorge Ramos and Eric Holder to threats of blowing up the White House from celebrities like Madonna, conservatives soon begin to worry about their very livelihood.

That is why this moment is important. Coming out as Republican and a Trump supporter in Hollywood changes reality. It encourages more people to do the same especially if they are of ethnic descent. Rodriguez has long since supported Republican ideals and has promoted environmental causes. He is the chairman of the California Latino Water Coalition, a group that campaigns to draw attention to California’s dire water situation, and was influential in the enactment of the California Water Bond Measure. In 2010 he endorsed Meg Whitman against Jerry Brown in the California race for governor. In 2012 he helped campaign for Republican candidate Mitt Romney in the Presidential election and recorded a Spanish ad for the campaign.

The Republican National Hispanic Assembly welcomes Paul Rodriguez to our family and encourages more Hispanics in Hollywood or anywhere to embrace Republican ideals. We have a love for country, God and life. The GOP is open to all and we at the RNHA invite Mr. Rodriguez to dialogue. There is much work to be done and more important issues that severely affect the Hispanic communities we represent.

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Frank Gonzalez is the National Press Secretary for the Republican National Hispanic Assembly and the NY State Chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly who works with the NY MAGA Movement to organize events in the city. He believes in conservative values, the core values of the Republican Party and works to expand the reach of the GOP to Latino and minority communities.

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