Rise of the Yellow Vests

Rise of the Yellow Vests
December 22, 2018 No Comments » International Affairs, News Natalia Godoy

Rise of the Yellow Vests

 By Natalia Godoy

December 22nd, 2018

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There have been protests all over France for the past four weeks. These protests allegedly started due to some outrageous rise in fuel tax linked to the Paris Climate agreement. This agreement was doomed to fail; a waste of time/resources and it was actually a wealth redistribution scam that would have a negligible effect if any at all on the environment.

Millionaire celebrities as well as feckless politicians usually shove these talking points down people’s throats. These characters have no idea how increasing taxes and big government green regulation hurts everyday working people. They do not live in the same world as we do. They hypocritically fly on their own private jets emitting the amount of carbon footprint that a regular person would in a year or a lifetime. However, they have the audacity to tell us that climate change is real and that we all should do our part and pay higher taxes.

The Yellow Vests citizens have grown weary of economic inefficiency, virtue signaling and tired of being demonized for having a sense of nationalism smeared as racism. France is burning down like a flaming baguette on steroids. France’s population has awoken and the revolution against globalism has started and no amount of Social Justice Warrior propaganda, diversity, sensitivity speech or global warming is going to put them back to sleep.

The yellow vest movement is spreading like a wild fire across Europe, we are starting to see yellow vest marches in countries where their leaders have the same globalist mind-chip as Macron like Belgium, Sweden, Germany, England, Netherlands and even close to home in places like Canada.

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France is in turmoil and Globalism is to blame. France’s citizens are tired of being undermined by President Macron’s “universal values” and perhaps that is the appropriate response under such circumstances. The government should be afraid of its people, not the other way around. The yellow vests fire is now luring the political elitists out of their echo chamber and forcing them out into the light.


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Natalia Godoy is a Chilean American, full time accomplished political writer. She has dedicated her life to reaching out to the Latino community.  Has contributed with freelance interpretation services to local churches and is a former radio show host in Seattle, WA. She has been involved in helping Latina victims of domestic violence abuse. She has appeared as a guest in various conservative media platforms. She’s currently working on publishing her first book and building her “Red-Pill site” to further spread the conservative cause.


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