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By Natalia Godoy

February 18th, 2019


The Republican National Hispanic Assembly
The Republican National Hispanic Assembly is an American political organization founded in 1967 which seeks to promote Hispanic-American issues and interests within the Republican Party, and the Party’s interests and candidates within the Hispanic-American population.
The mission of the RNHA is to increase Hispanic-Americans participation in electoral politics at all levels as well as boost Hispanic-Americans membership in the Republican Party. Furthermore, the RNHA seeks to promote the philosophy and political ideology of the Party within the Hispanic-American community. Finally, the RNHA desires to create and sustain an association of Hispanic-Americans Republican leaders.
The RNHA is proud to announce
The RNHA is proud to announce Tampa Bay and Volusia Counties Chapters. For too long Hispanic Conservatives have been afraid to speak up. The RNHA Tampa Bay and Volusia Counties are the place for Hispanic Conservatives to come together. A place where they can find brotherhood and fellowship with like-mind people.
 If you are interested in supporting the growth of Hispanic Conservatism in Florida follow their upcoming events.

Tampa Bay Chapter

Rosie Paulsen is a Public Speaker, Hispanic Leader, Tv/Radio Show Host, and Insurance Expert.
As a speaker, she specializes in educational seminars on Medicare, the Hispanic market, and entrepreneurship.
As a civic leader, Rosie believes in economic growth through collaboration and forming long-lasting relationships.
As a talk show host, Rosie highlights local business owners, their involvement in the community and how they inspire their paying customers to do business with them.
Rosie’s brand is Pure Positive, Inspiring Ideas, which reflects her goal to help restore society through inspiration, determination, and her Pure Positive attitude.
RNHA-Tampa Bay Chapter Executive Board
Chair: Rosie Paulsen
Vice Chair: Jennifer Paez
Secretary: Maria Gonzales
Treasurer: Carla Quiles

First Quarterly Meeting of 2019
Date and Time: Wednesday February 20th at 6:30 – 8:00 PM Easter Time.
Location: La Teresita Restaurant 3248 West Columbus Drive Tampa, FL 33607

You can also find Tampa Bay Chapter on Facebook!

Volusia County Chapter

My name is Santiago Avila, Jr. and I am a resident of Deltona, Florida. I enjoy dedicating my time to charities and volunteering for causes I believe in. I am of Cuban and Mexican descent and was born in Chicago, Illinois. As a former Youth Pastor, I enjoy being involved with the youth in my community. I believe that youth groups and youth clubs can help keep todays youth out of trouble.

As a business owner I understand the meaning of hard work. I understand the frustrations that are involved in regards to dealing with government and its’ inefficiency. I also, understand the difficulties about opening a new business and try to help the community be informed. Making informed decisions and receiving the correct help when opening a business or growing an existing one, will help businesses move into success.

As a student at the University of Phoenix, I feel like there should be a culture to help the students in our community grow.

RNHA- Volusia Chapter Executive Board
Chair: Santiago Avila, Jr
Vice Chair: Fran Darms
Secretary: Maria Elena Avila
Treasurer: Julio David Sosa

First Quarterly Meeting of 2019
Date and Time: Thursday, February 21, 2019 at 7 PM – 8:15 PM EST
Location: The Center at Deltona 1640 Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd., Deltona, Florida 32725

You can also find Volusia County Chapter on Facebook!






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