Bienvenido D.C Event Presents a Tribute to President Trump

Bienvenido D.C Event Presents a Tribute to President Trump
May 10, 2019 No Comments » Local Politics, News Robert Cross

On May 3rd hundreds from around the country attended the new Bienvenido movement kick-off in Washington D.C. This movement seeks to raise awareness about political representation and the diverse culture of this country. Its mission is to grow by adding conservatives.

Bienvenido hosted a reception Friday night at Trump International Hotel to give a tribute to President Trump. The President of Bienvenido Abraham Enriquez presented Sandra Benitez, the Director of Hispanic Engagement with an award for President Trump. This award was given in recognition of everything that President Donald J. Trump has done for the Hispanic community and America at large. Abraham during the tribute said this “My promise to the President is this: Bienvenido will be the barrier between Hispanic Community and anything that comes to try to change our Conservative values.”

Over a hundred people showed up to the event including members of the RNHA leadership and LEXIT. The event was so popular that it sold out and people were still trying to get it. Notable individuals who attended the are Jennifer Korn the deputy director and Special Assistant to President Trump, Andrea Ramirez the White House office Public Liaison, Oliver the director of Latino Media research Center, Edith Jorge Strategic Initiatives Director for the RNHC and Monica Yelin Community Outreach Chairwoman for Maricopa County GOP.

Social Media Influencers the Conservative Latina, Paloma For Trump, David Basulto and Jesse Holguin the founders of LEXIT where all in attendance. In addition to such a prestigious guest as these, we had a diverse audience. People from every racial, ethnic, and age group came out to support President Trump at this event. The tribute to President Trump was quite the festivity. The crowd was energetic and engaged. They sang along with the mariachi band as they interacted with the social media influencers present.

The Republican National Hispanic Assembly would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to President Trump and the White House for all the opportunities that we enjoyed in D.C. We also would like to thank Abraham Enriquez the President of Bienvenido and Anna Paulina his Vice President of Bienvenido for setting up the event. We would also like to extend our thanks to DIY Awards for the fantastic crystal recognition plague they provide for the tribute. 

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