California Announcement

California Announcement
May 28, 2019 No Comments » Chapters, News Rey Torres

Anthony Cabassa is a father of three, husband, and a California native. Born and raised in Canoga Park, CA he graduated from  Sylmar High School, the first of his immediate family to do so.

Son of a Mexican immigrant mother, he was raised in a single parent home and grew up in Section 8 housing.

At 18, he enlisted from high school to the United States Coast Guard where he served honorably for 11 years. During that time he worked the border with DHS as a Spanish translator, rescue swimmer and boarding team member. He directly dealt with the growing crisis at our border, with the flow of drugs, human trafficking, and the illegal immigration problem.

Since he separated from active duty status in 2017, he became an outspoken Conservative and activist in his community. He attended rallies and did interviews that grew a following on his personal social media page of over 10k — speaking out on the injustice, bad policies, inadequate border security, and how it is affecting our state. In early 2019, he became the Communications Director for RNHA-Ca where he opened an Instagram for the State Chapter and gained over a thousand followers. He also grew their FB engagement and page likes. His mission was to inform his community on the growing taxes, and failed policies that continue to corrupt our local government, and keep minorities government dependent.

He has now been voted in as State Chairman of California State, where he will continue to engage and help the Hispanic community wake up their inner conservative, for a better California.

About The Author
Rey Torres
Rey Torres Rey Torres was born and raised in the US Territory of Puerto Rico (hoping it becomes State 51) and moved later to New York, where he has lived for many years. He is a lifelong Conservative, a Healthcare Administrator, and a dedicated Bible Theology and Christian Education Instructor in New York for over thirty years. Rey is an apologist and author, publishing papers such as “Quantum God: The logical implications of Quantum Mechanics and the existence of God” a persuasive document using scientific reasoning to prove the existence of God. In addition, Rey is a professional musician, a recording artist, and a writer for many Christian artists as Yadira Coradín, Michael Rodriguez, Josue Sánchez, Angel Maldonado, and his wife, Mairén Medina-Torres. A former ordained minister, Rey and his wife Mairén are devoted Evangelical Christians, active with local community outreach events, international missions, and at their local congregation. If you enjoyed the article and would like to see more, become a member or donate to the RNHA today! The Republican National Hispanic Assembly is a not for profit organization. We are an independent media institution funded by small donors. We depend on you to continue to produce quality content.

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