Rolling Stones Writer Tessa Stuart Spreads #FakeNews On Women For Trump

Rolling Stones Writer Tessa Stuart Spreads #FakeNews On Women For Trump
September 11, 2019 No Comments » Latest, Local Politics, News Rosie Paulsen

Rolling Stones Writer Tessa Stuart Spreads #FakeNews On Women For Trump

By Rosie Paulsen

September 11,2019

I was recently interviewed by four different reporters during the “Women for Trump” event called “Evening of Empowerment” that was held at the Convention Center in Tampa, FL.  Most of the reporters kept the interview very unbiased but were intrigued by my title as the Florida State Vice Chairwoman and Chairwoman of RNHA Tampa. I was able to share with all of them the reason why as a citizen I will be voting for President Trump again in 2020, while providing them statistics & facts to corroborate my decision.

I shared that in 2020, Hispanics will be the minority with the largest voting block in the history of the USA, and why as an America Citizen of Hispanic descent and originally from Ecuador, I took my responsibility very serious and performed necessary research.

During Trump’s Administration, Hispanics have experienced the lowest unemployment in history, and we are experiencing the highest economic prosperity. I also shared how  “Conservative” judges appointed to the Supreme Court are important for the protection of our Christian freedom and values. As a business owner, I also appreciated the Trump Administration lowering of taxes, which helped me keep more of my hard-earned wages to reinvest in improving my business.

The cordial interview shifted when Tessa Stuart asked me how I felt about our immigration situation, and I answered that I have a cousin that has waited 20 years to arrive here legally. That illegal immigration is endangering our own community because when Hispanic immigrants arrive here and do not speak English they move to a local Hispanic community. Once there, if they do not learn English and their situation deteriorates, then they are more likely to get involved in crimes at their immediate community. I also mentioned that looking for a better life is not a reason for political asylum, that if they are truly looking for asylum that they do not have to break the law, and can apply legally at any port of entry. However, my comments were taken totally out of context as this is how Tessa Staurt reported it:

“Rosie Paulsen, herself an immigrant originally from Ecuador, doesn’t have a lot of sympathy for families being detained at the border. “I have a cousin who waited 20 years to come here legally. She could have jumped the border. She said, No, I want to be there and do it the right way. Now all these people just because they’re suffering, supposedly, economically, you can come over here?” 

“These people only speak Spanish,” she continues. ”Where do you think they are going to go? When they’re not making it, they’re going to start robbing or committing crimes. Against who? Against our own community. So we are bringing these people who are hurting our community because they’re not assimilating.”

While my friend Sharon and I spoke with Stuart for about 20 minutes, she chose to report inaccurately. She  misconstrued my words to make me sound very hateful towards illegal immigrants. She has the right to do so, as that is what the Constitution’s 1st Amendment is all about, Freedom of Speech. However, I am entitled to share my story even if reporters like Tessa Stuart continue to take my words to validate their liberal agenda.  I will not allow her actions to stop me from fulfilling my destiny and deliver FL to Mr. Trump 2020 re-election Victory.

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Rosie Paulsen is a Commissioner, Public Speaker, Community Advocate, TV Show Host, and Medicare Insurance Broker.As Commissioner, Rosie serves on the Florida Commission on the Status of Women, whose mission focuses on the welfare of the women of Florida. She regularly shares her expertise via educational seminars on Medicare, the Hispanic market, and entrepreneurship. As a civic leader, Rosie promotes economic growth through collaboration and long-lasting relationships. She actively serves on and has founded several advisory committees in the Tampa Bay area, such as “Equal Business Opportunity.” with The City of Tampa. In her talk show, “Where’s Rosie,” Rosie engages with local business owners and community leaders to showcase their services and causes, and highlights their involvement in the community. Rosie’s brand motto is “Pure Positive, Inspiring Ideas,” which reflects her goal to contribute to society through inspiration, determination, and her “Pure Positive” attitude.

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