OP-Ed: DACA a Dream or a Nightmare?

OP-Ed: DACA a Dream or a Nightmare?
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DACA a Dream or a Nightmare?

By Natalia Godoy

September 12, 2019

When former President Obama took office back in 2008, the Democratic Party had won the majority in votes nationwide to win control of the House of Representatives and Congress. They had total control of the government and the golden opportunity to do the things they had campaigned. Obama had won the Latino vote based on the false promise of bringing an immigration reform, but he failed to deliver, in fact, immigration reform was not even close to the top five concerns for the national agenda.

How low was this priority for the former president? – Low enough to leave it for almost at the end of his time in office. The Democratic Party held the majority and could have fixed one of the most difficult issues regarding immigration that has been dividing and plaguing the nation for decades since the Reagan presidency. Let’s not forget that while the former  President and the Democratic Party were shaking hands with immigrants and Latinos with one hand, with the other hand they were stabbing them in the back while rendering a fake smile and twisting the knife for good measure. They were doing this by deporting millions of immigrants that went unnoticed and unreported by the mainstream media because they did not want to tarnish the legacy of the country’s first black president.

In his last year of his first term, President Obama issued an executive order(DACA) that he lacked the legal authority to implement. President Obama himself admitted it – repeatedly. In October 2010, he stated,

“I am not King. I can’t do these things just by myself.”

In March 2011, he said he could not

“just bypass Congress and change the (immigration) law myself… that’s just not how a democracy works.”

Knowing that he lacked the authority to implement DACA he did it anyway in 2012. He did this in spite of the fact that immigration laws passed by Congress do not give the President the ability to do this. Obama and the Democratic Party made the calculated decision to kick the issue, like a can, for a later time down the road and therefore allow thousands of people affected by this to live in fear and uncertainty.

President Trump is his first year did what president Obama failed to do for his entire two terms. President Trump gave Congress a time frame (six months) and with it, a pathway for DACA recipients to receive legal status, but the Democratic Party refused to pass any proposal that President Trump implemented.

In a speech to Republican-friendly Latino business leaders, President Trump said that “he wanted to sign a new law to replace the Obama-era-DACA, to allow up to 1.8 million young immigrants, who were in the country illegally, the ability to stay, get work permits, attend college, and serve in the military.

It would be great if the Dreamers would wake up and realize that President Trump is fighting for them, that his offer of legalizing nearly 1.8 million DACA recipients (nearly tripling the number proposed by former President Obama) is a lot better than what Democrats have ever done for them. This more than demonstrates how the Democratic Party couldn’t care less about Dreamers and Hispanics as a whole because they treat them like pawns and only seem to care about what ails the community around election times.

The Democratic Party sacrificed the future of 1.8 million Dreamers for the sake of political ideology and for the future of winning potential voters somewhere down the road in case the Dreamers gravitated towards them. The harsh truth is that it was never the intention of the Democratic Party to actually help Dreamers at all. They were just being used as pawns in their elaborate identity politics strategy.

Many Latinos fail to recognize that President Trump brought the issue to the surface and made it a topic of discussion because had he not, then the Democratic Party wouldn’t have done a single thing about them and had left them in legal limbo. With the help of Jorge Ramos, Univision, and the mainstream media are painting President Trump as a racist. Let’s remember that President Trump inherited this problem from the Reagan Administration when it was last revised.

We need to remove our shackles and blinds from the likes of Jorge Ramos, Univision and the Democratic Party because they just seek to keep us divided and prey to their brainwashing victimization ploy masquerading as supporters of rights for minorities, Latinos and Dreamers.

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Natalia Godoy is a Chilean American, full time accomplished political writer. She has dedicated her life to reaching out to the Latino community.  Has contributed with freelance interpretation services to local churches and is a former radio show host in Seattle, WA. She has been involved in helping Latina victims of domestic violence abuse. She has appeared as a guest in various conservative media platforms. She’s currently working on publishing her first book and building her “Red-Pill Site” to spread the conservative cause further.

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