Duke Machado Interviews Young Conservatives at the MAGA Rally in San Marcos

Duke Machado Interviews Young Conservatives at the MAGA Rally in San Marcos
November 16, 2019 Comments Off on Duke Machado Interviews Young Conservatives at the MAGA Rally in San Marcos Latest, Local Politics, News Robert Cross

Ran into these two young men at the MAGA Rally in San Marcos. Watch and listen. Not all young people are Liberal Democrats!

Posted by Duke Machado on Sunday, November 10, 2019

Duke Machado interviewed Geno Mendoza and Benjamin Dalton about their experience at a MAGA rally in San Marcos. The event was peaceful minus some annoying honking from cars passing by. Machado asked them what makes them want to come and seek the truth. Benjamin Dalton replied, ” It is a common sense thing.” Geno Mendoza said,” Wearing a simple hat makes you get the name called, and an event like this show conservatives support and I think it is great.” Young men like these are the future of the Conservative movement. Dalton pointed out that his friend Mendoza is an artist who has tattoos. When Dalton first met him he thought that Mendoza was a liberal but it turns out he is a Conservative.  Dalton said, ” The Democrats are trying to divide us but it is the conservatives who are uniting people.”

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