Anna Paulina Luna – A Conservative Christian Fighting for Florida’s 13th Congressional District Seat

Anna Paulina Luna – A Conservative Christian Fighting for Florida’s 13th Congressional District Seat
December 30, 2019 Comments Off on Anna Paulina Luna – A Conservative Christian Fighting for Florida’s 13th Congressional District Seat Local Politics, News, News Column Emma Jimenez

Anna Paulina Luna, a conservative political activist, and Air Force veteran, is running for Congress against Democratic U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist in 2020 for Florida’s 13th congressional district. Luna is the former Director of Hispanic engagement at Turning Point USA  and is the Chairwoman of the Hispanic initiative at PragerU Luna has been featured on numerous news channels tackling issues at the border such as human trafficking and drug smuggling. 

Luna enters the Republican primary for Florida’s 13th congressional district along with former D.C. Lobbyist Amanda Makki, former St. Petersburg City Council candidate Sheila Griffin, Clearwater native Matt Becker, and George Buck. Crist is seeking a 3rd term for the Pinellas county seat. Currently, Florida’s 13th congressional district is painted blue and Luna seeks to change that by bringing a much-needed balance with a conservative voice. In 2016, the majority of constituents voted for Crist who won 57.6 percent of the vote. 

Luna, a proclaimed Christian, believes that conservative values are better for the family unit and the individual. She states she will also never compromise her values of faith, family, and freedom and stands firmly behind them. 

When it comes to her faith and tackling sensitive issues such as abortion, Luna considers herself to be a pro-life advocate and believes that you cannot be pro-choice and claim to practice Christian values. On her stance of rape and incest, Luna feels a child’s life shouldn’t be devalued based on the circumstances surrounding its conception and that every life serves a purpose. Luna is a statistical long shot – born of a young single mother who left an abortion clinic and gave birth to Anna who went on to experience the American Dream – this is one of her biggest reasons for being pro-life and pro-family. Luna’s husband Andy, is the product of rape and is also credited for her strong stance on being against abortion. Her husband is a Purple Heart and Bronze Star recipient who is still on active duty.

When it comes to freedom, Luna contributed to that ideal with her service to this country and is passionate about the power and right to speak freely and without restraint; to exercise one’s religion and the right of self-protection while at the same time maintaining a limited government that focuses on those core rights. Luna identifies herself as a non-politician, one not controlled by special interests and who sees an opportunity to serve not only her district but also legislate policy related to conservative beliefs and values in a way that could have a national impact. 

For more information on Anna Paulina Luna and to support her run for Congress, please visit her webpage.

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