Author: Robert Cross

Daniel Crenshaw Refuses Pay Amid Government Shutdown
January 24, 2019 Latest,Local Politics,News Robert Cross

Congressman Dan Crenshaw wrote a letter to the Chief Administrative Officer today to have the government hold his paycheck during the Government Shutdown. During the Shutdown, Congress is still getting paid however federal employees are not. It is encouraging to see a member of Congress that is willing to put service above personal gain. While the shutdown is in place

What Caused the Government Shutdown?
January 12, 2019 Latest,News Robert Cross

Everyone is concerned about the government shutdown that began last year, but few people really know what caused the shutdown. We all know what the news says? Blame Trump! His demands are unreasonable! That is not the full story though. Despite what the Mainstream Media has been telling you, Trump is not to blame for

Thoughts on President Trump’s Speech on the Immigration Crisis
January 9, 2019 Latest,News Robert Cross

Today President Trump addressed America about the reality of the crisis at our southern border. For the last two years, President Trump has tried to get sufficient funding for border security. In his presidential address tonight, he implored the American people to put pressure on Congress to secure the southern border. President Trump brought up

Hispanic Outreach Leads To Ron DeSantis’ Victory
December 17, 2018 Latest,Local Politics Robert Cross

The Hispanic community helped drive Ron DeSantis’ campaign to his victory in the 2018 midterm elections.  Major news organizations are blaming older Cuban’s for leading DeSantis to victory. While they play a substantial part in DeSantis’ victory, there is a new wave of Conservative Hispanics emerging. According to CNN exit polls, Ron DeSantis won 44%

George H.W. Bush, Hispanics & Trump
December 5, 2018 History,Latest,News Robert Cross

Today we regret to inform you all that President George H.W Bush, founder of the RNHA has passed away. George Bush and Ronald Reagan saw the value of reaching out to the Hispanic community and founded the Republican National Hispanic Assembly. President George H.W Bush said in a speech to the Republican National Hispanic Assembly

Jorge Ramos Calls for Harassment of Conservatives
November 30, 2018 International Affairs,Latest,News Robert Cross

Jorge Ramos appeared on El Intermedio lashing out at Latino Conservatives who support President Donald J. Trump. He encourages DACA students and the liberal resistance to continue harassing conservative leaders and individuals who support the President. Ramos and other liberal elites are calling for violence against conservatives under the guise of “protest”. In the same

Castro Threatens’ to Exterminate the Ladies in White
November 18, 2018 International Affairs,News Robert Cross

In an investigative report, published on Babalu Blog they discovered evidence that the Castro Regime is moving to exterminate the Ladies in White.  The Ladies in White are a group of Catholic women who peacefully protest the unlawful imprisonment of their loved ones. They are the daughters, mothers, grandmothers, and wives of Raul Castro’s political

The Untold Story of MS-13
November 18, 2018 History,International Affairs,News Robert Cross

MS-13 is an emerging Salvadoran street gang that is affiliated with the notorious Sinaloa Cartel. In 1980, MS-13 emerged in Los Angles as refugees from El Salvador and settled in the ghettos control by the Mexican Cartels. As the gang violence soared in the 1990s the Clinton administration fast-tracked deportations for 20,000 Central Americans convicted

CNN Host Brooke Baldwin is the Word Police
October 29, 2018 News Robert Cross

CNN Host Brooke Baldwin appeared on The Colbert Show defending her position on calling her guest out on using the “mob.” Baldwin then tells Colbert that she does not want to be the word police, but she had to call him out on it. In English, the conjunction “but” is used to cancel the previous

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Knows Nothing About Economics
October 19, 2018 News Robert Cross

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic candidate for New York’s 14th congressional district, knows nothing about Economics. In several T.V appearances, Ocasio-Cortez discusses “economic issues” and her plans for the United States of America’s economy. She uses statistics to back up her argument, however, the statistics that she uses are completely wrong. Ocasio-Cortez in an interview with

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