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Don Lemon Attacks Kanye West Over White House Visit
October 17, 2018 News Robert Cross

Don Lemon appeared on a segment of CNN and savagely attacked Kanye West for his live appearance in the White House with President Trump. Kanye West went to the White House to speak to President Donald Trump about several political issues, one of them being Prison Reform. However, instead of recognizing West’s efforts, Lemon decides

Elisa Slider Kicks off RNHA’s First Candidate Forum
October 15, 2018 News Robert Cross

Elisa Slider, chairwoman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly’s (RNHA) Nevada branch, hosted the First Republican Candidate Forum in Las Vegas, Nevada with the assistance of the National Republican Black Caucus. The speakers at the event were: Victoria Seaman, a former assemblywoman, Scott Hammond, the incumbent senator from Nevada, and former T.V reporter, Michelle Mortensen.

Progress For Change hosts 1st RNC in NYC Training
October 14, 2018 News RNHA

Progress For Change hosts 1st RNC in NYC Training! By RNHA Contributor  October 14, 2018   On Saturday morning Progress for Change launched its first Republican Leadership Initiative for New York. A crowd of young millennials were very enthusiastic for change in liberal New York City. Marlene Artov and Oz Sultan, Founders of Progress for

October 12, 2018 News RNHA

ANTIFA ATTACKS NY Candidate for Governor MARC MOLINARO HQ By RNHA Contributor October 12, 2018 On Friday morning, the Metropolitan Club on New York City’s Upper East Side, woke up to spray paint blasted across the front of their building, windows broken, locks glued shut, and a threatening note left by antifa terrorists promising an

Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder Calls for Violence Against Republicans
October 11, 2018 News RNHA

Democrat Eric Holder Calls For Violence Against Republicans By RNHA Contributor October 11, 2018 Former Attorney General Eric Holder calls for Violence against Republicans #RNHA Democrat Eric Holder calls for Violence against Republicans! #RNHA"We they go low, we kick them!" Posted by Republican National Hispanic Assembly – New York Chapter on Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Republican National Hispanic Assembly and Trump 2020
October 10, 2018 News RNHA

The Republican National Hispanic Assembly and Trump’s 2020 campaign By RNHA Contributor October 10, 2018 With the rise in Hispanic approval after President Trump’s success with the economy, jobs. immigration and tax reform, the Republican National Hispanic Assembly is seeking to lead the charge with Hispanic engagement in 2020. Betty Cardenas, National Chairwoman of the

OP-ED: Interview with Anthony Arias for NY State Senate
October 6, 2018 News RNHA

OP-ED: Interview with Anthony Arias for NY State Senate  By RNHA Contributor October 6, 2018 I had the pleasure of meeting with Anthony Arias, Republican candidate for the 26th Senate District of New York, on Sunday to see what his most important issues were and what solutions he has to offer. The top three were

RNHA – NY Chapter MAGA
August 25, 2018 News RNHA

RNHA – NY Chapter MAGA Movement By RNHA | August 24, 2018   The New York Chapter of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly is embarking on the most ambitious agenda for the MAGA movement. To Make NY Red Again. Frank Gonzalez, NY State Chairman of the RNHA has set out on probably the most difficult

RNHA attends Tax Reform with President Trump
June 23, 2018 News RNHA

President Trump Visits Nevada: Tax Reform Roundtable Discussion with Nevada RNHA By Frank Gonzalez | June 23, 2018   The RNHA is the only and official Hispanic Republican organization recognized by the White House since 1967! Thanks to President Nixon and the Bush Family, the RNHA’s inception began in the 60’s as a way to

RNHA National Convention
March 26, 2018 News admin

RNHA National Convention Sat, September 8, 2018 : 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM PDT World Market Center Las Vegas   BUY YOUR TICKET HERE!  

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