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The original founder of LEXIT,  Jesse Holguin, is from Los Angeles, California. He was raised a Democrat his whole life because his parents an grandparents told him he was a Democrat, but after his conversion to Christianity and doing his research and seeing the constant attack on Christian values by the left, he walked away from the Democrat party. Jessie is a former gang leader but turned his life around after a tragic event left him paralyzed. After his conversion to Christianity, Jessie started going into juvenile halls and prisons to conduct Bible studies an encourage inmates to leave the gang lifestyle behind. Jessie also served as a Chaplain at a local hospital, providing prayers and encouragement to patients. Jessie is the Co-Founder of #LEXIT, a grassroots effort to reach out to the Latino community and expose the lies of the left. He loves his nation and his Mexican heritage but is an American first. He is happily married to his lovely wife, Lupe.

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David Basulto is the Co-Founder of #Lexit, a grassroots movement that is waking up the Latino population into walking away from the Democratic party.  He is also the founder of The Hispanic Conservative a conservative opinion page with 130,000+ followers and incrementally growing, that informs the Latino population on current news and events. David is also a professional Truck Driver for a leading cross-country transportation company. David served eight years in the United States Army, including a deployment to Iraq and a tour of duty to South Korea. He was also a wrestling coach for children of all ages. David is the proud father of a 14-year-old son.

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