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Socialist Healthcare Lures
November 6, 2019 Business,Latest,News,Op-Ed,Trump,White House Rey Torres

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory is a psychological model proposed by Abraham Maslow in 1943, in which he established human needs in a hierarchy. The first and most basic of all needs are those to do with physical survival. Ask anyone who suffered an unexpected hospitalization or surgical procedure and ended receiving a bill for

Beto says Churches That Do Not Support Gay-Marriage Must Lose Tax-Exempt Status
November 1, 2019 Local Politics,News Robert Cross

Beto O’rouke in a town hall with CNN Don Lemon said that Churches that do not support same-sex marriage should lose their tax-exempt status. As a Congressman Beto O’rouke took an oath of office to uphold the Consitution of the United States of America. The 1st Amendment states that ” Congress shall make no law

Op-Ed: What Happened to Respect?
August 28, 2019 Constitution,Latest,Local Politics,News,Trump,Uncategorized Ariel Fierro

Whatever Happened to Respect? By: Ariel Fierro August 26, 2019 Respect seems to be thrown out the window along with dignity and common sense within this time of age, where it is desired yet not given. Democratic state senator from Illinois came under fire after photos were posted onto Twitter where supporters at a fundraising

Concentration Camps vs. Migrant Detention Centers
July 16, 2019 History,Latest,News Ariel Fierro

Concentration Camps vs Migrant Detention Centers By: Ariel Fierro July 16, 2019 What has been spread through the Left upon U.S. migrant detention centers being compared to concentration camps reveals that history was not explicit enough for them. Concentration camps are widely known through World War II events that happened within Poland, Germany, Austria,  Hungary,

Is Planned Parenthood Really Helping Women?
February 23, 2019 Local Politics,News Natalia Godoy

Is Planned Parenthood Really Helping Women? By Natalia Godoy February 8th, 2019 Planned Parenthood has a dark history but hides its true purposes under a name that misleads the population. If you watch and believe the mainstream media news, then you have been deceived. They are masking the malevolent practices of Planned Parenthood under the banner

Babies’ Parts for Sale; What’s Behind the Agenda of Abortions Until Birth?
February 8, 2019 News Natalia Godoy

Babies’ Parts for Sale; What’s Behind the Agenda of Abortions Until Birth? By Natalia Godoy February 8th, 2019 If you are a conservative, God fearing American, then you must feel devastated at the recent news of the bill that was passed in the state of New York. A bill that legalizes the murder of innocent

Make Tijuana Great Again
November 30, 2018 News Natalia Godoy

Make Tijuana Great Again By Natalia Godoy November 29th, 2018 We have witnessed first hand how the Democrat Party has glamorized open borders as a way for the radical left to normalize the idea that western sovereignty and territorial rights are imperialistic and non-inclusive. The left uses social justice, moral egalitarianism and manipulation of information through the

James Cromwell Warns of “Blood on the Streets” if Democrats Lose the Elections
November 18, 2018 News Natalia Godoy

James Cromwell Warns of “Blood on the Streets” if Democrats Lose the Elections By Natalia Godoy November 17th, 2018 Oscar-nominated James Cromwell told an audience on Sunday night, during the Carney Awards in Santa Monica, California, that a violent revolution is coming if Democrats don’t win midterm elections. Speaking to Variety the actor made the

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