The RNHA endorses Suzette Valladares for Congress
April 24, 2019 Endorsements RNHA Endorsement

Los Angeles, Ca- The Republican National Hispanic Assembly is proud to endorse Suzette Valladares for U.S Congresswoman for California’s 25th congressional district. Valladares was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley and instilled with a love for the Republic and her community from a very young age. Suzette Valladares earned an AA in Social

OP-ED: The Americans Demand Transparency from the Left
April 20, 2019 Local Politics,News,Op-Ed Rosanna Gonzales

After almost two years of one of the most controversial investigations of a sitting United States President, the Department of Justice concluded President Donald Trump has finally been vindicated. Monday morning March 22nd,2019 special counsel and independent investigator Robert Mueller cleared the President of all allegations concerning Russia. Americans have witnessed the entire mainstream media

Nevada’s Day of Redress of Grievances
April 5, 2019 Local Politics,News Rosanna Gonzales

Nevada’s Day of Redress of Grievances Rosanna Gonzales April 5th, 2019   Nevada – American Patriots came out wearing their MAGA hats along with pro-American gear, ready to address the specific issues of securing American borders. Nevada patriots gathered at 8:30 am Saturday and took a stand against sanctuary cities and sanctuary states. They came

Hispanics Will Lead Trump to Victory in 2020
March 28, 2019 Latest,News Robert Cross

President Trump’s polling numbers among Hispanics have increased to fifty percent, and Trump attributes the increase in Hispanic support to his decision to build a border wall. Liberal media publications are dismissing the polling result as an anomaly. A recent article by Politico gives Democrats a cause for concern in the 2020 election. Politico reported

Bienvenido Welcomes Dan Crenshaw
March 21, 2019 Latest,Local Politics,News Natalia Godoy

Bienvenido Welcomes Dan Crenshaw By Natalia Godoy March 21th, 2019 We are excited and proud to announce that congressional U.S Representative Dan Crenshaw will be speaking at the launch of Bienvenido March 23 in Houston, Texas. The pulse of the event has fully embodied the vision of what it is to make America great again

Every Baby’s Life Matters
March 10, 2019 Latest,Local Politics,News Rosanna Gonzales

The liberal push for Abortion on demand was an Obama Care option when Americans were signing up for healthcare. Abortion is more than just a medical procedure it effectively ends a human life. These terms of death are purposely overlooked and pushed in medical terms in relation to healthcare to sidetrack one’s consciousness and way

As NAFTA Dies, USMCA Rises
January 8, 2019 International Affairs,News Natalia Godoy

As NAFTA Dies, USMCA Rises By Natalia Godoy January 8, 2019   On September 30th, 2018, after a year of negotiations to “modernize” NAFTA, the lead negotiators of the new U.S.-Mexico-Canadian (USMCA) trade agreement released a joint statement proclaiming agreement had been reached.  President Trump kept another election campaign promise to his voters by persuading both

President Macron’s Globalist Scam
November 26, 2018 International Affairs,News Natalia Godoy

President Macron’s Globalist Scam By Natalia Godoy November 26th, 2018 French president Macron officially renounced nationalism during the One-Hundredth Anniversary of the Armistice that ended World War I. He took the occasion to rebuke President Trump and praised the world leaders that formed the first League of Nations who were there in attendance. He claimed

Where is the Young Latino Leadership Summit?
November 18, 2018 News Natalia Godoy

Where is the Young Latino Leadership Summit? By Natalia Godoy November 17th, 2018 President Trump invited hundreds of young black conservative leaders to the White House last Friday, October 28, 2018. This was the first ever Young Black Leadership summit being put on by Turning Point USA. We are seeing an amazing awakening of the

It’s Time for the Church to Stand Up and Fight
November 18, 2018 Latest,News Natalia Godoy

It’s Time for the Church to Stand Up and Fight By Natalia Godoy November 17th, 2018 We are in the midst of a Spiritual battle. It’s a fight for the soul and future of our nation. This is one of the most important battles our nation has faced since the civil war. Socialism seeks to

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