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Remember the Heartbeat Bill
September 19, 2019 Local Politics,News Rosanna Gonzales

In May of this year, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed the Heartbeat Bill into law. Remembering that Governor Kemp stated, “Georgia is a state that values life. Georgia has led the fight in the antiabortion movement sparking outrage with actress and women rights activist Alyssa Milano and 50 other celebrities who took a letter to

Op-Ed: What Happened to Respect?
August 28, 2019 Constitution,Latest,Local Politics,News,Trump,Uncategorized Ariel Fierro

Whatever Happened to Respect? By: Ariel Fierro August 26, 2019 Respect seems to be thrown out the window along with dignity and common sense within this time of age, where it is desired yet not given. Democratic state senator from Illinois came under fire after photos were posted onto Twitter where supporters at a fundraising

A Q&A with Kelli Ward
July 20, 2019 Local Politics,News Monica Yelin

A Q&A with Kelli Ward By Monica Yelin July 19, 2019 Our very own Monica Yelin interviewed Kelli Ward about major conservative issues facing Arizona’s conservative movement. Keil Ward is a the Chair of the Arizona Republican Party. Q. AZ is booming thanks to our conservative leaders. We need to keep it that way. Your

Bienvenido Welcomes Dan Crenshaw
March 21, 2019 Latest,Local Politics,News Natalia Godoy

Bienvenido Welcomes Dan Crenshaw By Natalia Godoy March 21th, 2019 We are excited and proud to announce that congressional U.S Representative Dan Crenshaw will be speaking at the launch of Bienvenido March 23 in Houston, Texas. The pulse of the event has fully embodied the vision of what it is to make America great again

The RNHA Endorses Wendy Pepe for Tampa City Council
February 26, 2019 Endorsements,Latest RNHA Endorsement

  Tampa City, Florida- The Republican National Hispanic Assembly is proud to endorse Wendy Pepe for the position of Tampa Bay City Councilor for District 6. Wendy Pepe is a successful small businesswoman who is uniquely situated to understand the concerns and needs of Tampa Bay’s business community. District 6 has the largest contingency of

The First Latino Presidential Candidate was Republican
January 18, 2019 History,Latest,News RNHA

By Franklin Gonzalez January 18, 2019 The first Latino Presidential candidate was Benjamin Fernandez, First Chairman and Founder of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly. Benjamin ‘Ben’ Fernandez was an American politician, financial consultant and special ambassador. He was a Republican leader  and ran for President of the United States three times. Once in 1980 and again in 1984 and

OP-ED: Pinochet | Brutal Dictator or Patriot?
January 14, 2019 History,International Affairs,Latest,News Natalia Godoy

OP-ED: Pinochet | Brutal Dictator or Patriot? By Natalia Godoy January 14, 2019 Although historians portray Pinochet as a gruesome dictator, ruling Chile with an iron fist, many of his accomplishments have led Chile to prosperity. Pinochet saved Chile from communism. By doing so he initiated a free market, created a constitution, drastically reduced the

#WalkAway from Democrats March Draws Thousands of America-Loving Patriots
November 18, 2018 News Natalia Godoy

#WalkAway from Democrats March Draws Thousands of America-Loving Patriots By Natalia Godoy November 16th, 2018 Over 5,000 people and 31 public speakers joined together on Saturday, October 28th to urge liberals to leave the Democrat party behind. The march took place on Pennsylvania Avenue in the nation’s capital. Those speakers included Diamond & Silk, Dinesh

It’s Time for the Church to Stand Up and Fight
November 18, 2018 Latest,News Natalia Godoy

It’s Time for the Church to Stand Up and Fight By Natalia Godoy November 17th, 2018 We are in the midst of a Spiritual battle. It’s a fight for the soul and future of our nation. This is one of the most important battles our nation has faced since the civil war. Socialism seeks to

Behold the Master Meme! How the Left Morphed into NPC
November 5, 2018 News Natalia Godoy

Behold the Master Meme! How the Left Morphed into NPC By Natalia Godoy November 1st, 2018 This might be the greatest meme of all time. Why you might ask?…because it is surprisingly accurate. We all know these NPC’s because they’re in our communities; some of them might be our friends, our coworkers or even part

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