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Socialist “Equality”
December 3, 2019 Local Politics,News,Op-Ed Manuel Perez

It begins with the idea of equality, which is righteous, loving, and for all people. Indeed, it is very inviting. Promises of freedom and hope for the poor. Promises of taking from the rich and giving to the oppressed. It is a lazy and dysfunctional person’s dream come true. Before you know it Communism and

Socialist Healthcare Lures
November 6, 2019 Business,Latest,News,Op-Ed,Trump,White House Rey Torres

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory is a psychological model proposed by Abraham Maslow in 1943, in which he established human needs in a hierarchy. The first and most basic of all needs are those to do with physical survival. Ask anyone who suffered an unexpected hospitalization or surgical procedure and ended receiving a bill for

The America Effect: Hong Kong
October 4, 2019 International Affairs,Latest,News Ariel Rivera

By: Ariel Rivera-Diaz October 4th, 2019 It is 1776 in Hong Kong after the streets are filled with protesters in response to China’s attempt to extradite executives from Hong Kong. Hong Kong, since 1997, suffered under the tyrannical rule of China. Hong Kong generates enough GDP to become its own country however, China refuses to

OP-ED: Pinochet | Brutal Dictator or Patriot?
January 14, 2019 History,International Affairs,Latest,News Natalia Godoy

OP-ED: Pinochet | Brutal Dictator or Patriot? By Natalia Godoy January 14, 2019 Although historians portray Pinochet as a gruesome dictator, ruling Chile with an iron fist, many of his accomplishments have led Chile to prosperity. Pinochet saved Chile from communism. By doing so he initiated a free market, created a constitution, drastically reduced the

How Socialism left Honduras in Ruin
December 5, 2018 History,News Ariel Rivera

How Socialism left Honduras in ruin By Ariel Rivera-Diaz December 4th, 2018   Socialism has affected thousands of people in Latin American countries. One country that fell under socialist rule is Honduras. Honduras’s history of left-wing presidents is riddled with, the murder of children, declining economies and corruption. Two leaders in Honduras showed a lot

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