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Concentration Camps vs. Migrant Detention Centers
July 16, 2019 History,Latest,News Ariel Fierro

Concentration Camps vs Migrant Detention Centers By: Ariel Fierro July 16, 2019 What has been spread through the Left upon U.S. migrant detention centers being compared to concentration camps reveals that history was not explicit enough for them. Concentration camps are widely known through World War II events that happened within Poland, Germany, Austria,  Hungary,

Border Crisis and Cages: Democrats or Republicans? We know!
July 14, 2019 International Affairs,Latest,News,Trump,White House Rey Torres

Legitimately concerned by an increasing border crisis, the Trump administration is asking for Congress to pass legislation on comprehensive immigration reform. However, not including the multiple times Democrats have voted against any border relief funds to address the crisis, two Republican-led bills presented were overwhelmingly defeated this past year with a 100% vote against the

President Trump Stand for a Bilateral Solution on Immigration
June 30, 2019 Latest,Local Politics,News Robert Cross

President Trump shared a Fox News video with Hilario Yanez saying this “DACA recipient says he is NOT for the “DREAM & PROMISE ACT” passed by Dems in the House because it is “time to work together.” We must work to fix the border crisis!” about our Press Secretary. For those moderate individuals out there

Op-Ed: Honoring Immigration and National Security, Separately
March 19, 2019 Local Politics,News,Op-Ed Javier Castro

Op-Ed: Honoring Immigration and National Security, Separately Javi Castro March 19, 2019 Our recent southern border crisis has triggered mass hysteria regarding our current national security and immigration policies. As an immigrant myself and a person who studied national security at a top-rated criminal justice college, I feel comfortable shedding some light into the apparent

How Mexican Drug money can pay for our wall
January 22, 2019 Latest,Local Politics,News Javier Castro

How Mexican Drug money can pay for our wall By Javi Castro As the historic and lengthy government shutdown surpasses one month of hostage negotiations, a brave senator from Texas claims he has the solution. In fact, he had the solution two years ago. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) just reintroduced EL CHAPO ACT (S.25) (Ensuring

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