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The Oval Perspective: China’s Containment
December 7, 2019 Economy,International Affairs,Latest,News,News Column,Trump,White House Aaron Ruiz

I always heard that the United States should not meddle in other countries’ affairs but I never believed it to be wise counsel. As I began learning about all the horrific issues and injustices around the world, the more I became convinced that we need America’s intervention to keep the peace. The U.S. is the world’s

As NAFTA Dies, USMCA Rises
January 8, 2019 International Affairs,News Natalia Godoy

As NAFTA Dies, USMCA Rises By Natalia Godoy January 8, 2019   On September 30th, 2018, after a year of negotiations to “modernize” NAFTA, the lead negotiators of the new U.S.-Mexico-Canadian (USMCA) trade agreement released a joint statement proclaiming agreement had been reached.  President Trump kept another election campaign promise to his voters by persuading both

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