Jorge Ramos Calls for Harassment of Conservatives

Jorge Ramos Calls for Harassment of Conservatives
November 30, 2018 No Comments » International Affairs, Latest, RNHA News Articles Robert Cross

Jorge Ramos appeared on El Intermedio lashing out at Latino Conservatives who support President Donald J. Trump. He encourages DACA students and the liberal resistance to continue harassing conservative leaders and individuals who support the President. Ramos and other liberal elites are calling for violence against conservatives under the guise of “protest”.

In the same interview, Ramos decried the traditionalism in Hispanic culture and society. He laments that traditional Hispanic culture is extremely conservative and the reflection of those values within the Republican Party. Ramos is angry with Conservative Hispanics for voting for identifying with American ideals. On Monday, Ramos said “It’s not an invasion. The U.S. can easily absorb these refugees without significant economic consequences. Many countries in the world help the 65 M people who are displaced.” The Ramos posted on Instagram that “And the most powerful nation in history also has responsibilities. We simply have to do our share.”

The sheer level of arrogance that Ramos and his liberal friends possess is amazing! How dare Mr. Ramos presume to lecture us on the need to take in displaced peoples while advocating for the socialist policies that displaced them in the first place. The United States of America is under no obligation to absorb or take in any displaced group of people. The United States of America is a sovereign nation and has the right to enforce its border policies.

The Hispanic people are honorable law-abiding people who love this country. We are nothing like the thugs who tried to invade the U.S-Mexico border and force them into our nation. We are hard-working people who earned our way into this country. We may disagree with people, but we not call on our followers to harass and hurt other people. Jorge Ramos is a fear monger that will do anything to further the globalist revolution.

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