Latino Conservative Movement 2019

Latino Conservative Movement 2019
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Latino Conservative Movement 2019

By: Ariel Rivera-Diaz

January 24th, 2019

Turning Point USA is a non-profit organization that advocates for free markets, freedom and limited government. This year, they are hosting their annual Young Latino Leadership Summit (YLLS) in Phoenix, Arizona. As of now, the two confirmed speakers for the event are Founder Charlie Kirk and Director of Hispanic Engagement, Anna Paulina. The list will grow, and I am sure it will not disappoint.

During the event, Turning Point will hosts multiple conservative figures such as Candace Owens, Dinesh D’Souza and recently President Donald Trump. Many young Latinos who participate are given the opportunity to network and create bonds that empower them to expand their thinking and spread the conservative message. Turning Point also offers attendees training and professional development to help them with their careers. This event is beneficial for anyone who attends and will go back home with innovative ideas to help their communities and this nation.

Attending YLLS in 2017, showed me the dedication and care that Turning Point puts into their events. While attending the event, creating connections with like-minded Latinos from other states provided me with the knowledge that helped me with my career. They offered Latinos opportunities no other organization has offered. I learned the many ways capitalism is helpful in overcoming poverty and the political strength that Latinos hold. YLLS 2019 will be no different, in fact, it will be better. Turning Point has recently been gaining popularity with college students. This is possible because they offer college students to start their own chapters in their schools allowing them to expand their base. Turning Point understands the importance of the Latino voice and with YLLS they are showing that they value our voice.

Turning Point offers countless opportunities to the people that attend. Take part in the Latino Conservative movement and register today!

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Ariel Rivera-Diaz ran for State Assembly in the 2018 NYS Elections. He served as Bronx Borough Coordinator for 2017 NYC Mayoral Candidate Nicole Malliotakis. Ariel is an active member of the Bronx GOP and has assisted in grassroots efforts to increase civic engagement among voters. He is a recipient of the James H. Hackett Oratory Award in high school.

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