President Trump Stand for a Bilateral Solution on Immigration

President Trump Stand for a Bilateral Solution on Immigration
June 30, 2019 No Comments » Latest, Local Politics, RNHA News Articles Robert Cross

President Trump shared a Fox News video with Hilario Yanez saying this “DACA recipient says he is NOT for the “DREAM & PROMISE ACT” passed by Dems in the House because it is “time to work together.” We must work to fix the border crisis!” about our Press Secretary. For those moderate individuals out there that are on the fence about President Trump in 2020, he is not the monster that Mainstream Media makes him out to be. He deeply cares about immigrants and after years of their suffering, he has attempted numerous times to reform our broken immigration system in the past three years.

The Democrats have prevented all offers by President Trump and the Republicans to end the crisis on our Southern Border. President Trump during the Government Shutdown offered a 12 years window for DACA students to obtain legal status in the United States of America. The Democrats shut the bill down because it includes funding for the wall. They refuse to resolve the humanitarian crisis on our Southern Border or any legal status for DACA because they do not want the Republicans to get credit for it.

Hilario Yanez is right! There is too much at stake for this issue to be about partisan politics. Men and women are butchered by the cartels, who bring in illegal drugs that destroy people’s lives.  Women and children are sold on the black market as sex slaves, prostitutes, and forced laborers. Thousands of lives are being destroyed by the crisis on our Southern Border. Now is not the time to argue! It is time to act and settle the issue once and for all. We the American people want real immigration reform from our Government not empty words.

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