Sen. Cory Booker’s Growing list of Sexual Assault

Sen. Cory Booker’s Growing list of Sexual Assault
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Sen. Cory Booker’s growing list of Sexual Assault

By Ariel Rivera-Diaz

October 23rd, 2018



Another scandal hits the desk of Cory Booker, he is accused of sexually assaulting a gay man in a bathroom in 2014. In a series of tweets, the victim gives a detailed description of the attack. The tweets below:


Despite the accusations, Democrats have yet to provide comment. Their silence shows the double standard that exists in the Democrat party. During the Kavanaugh case, Cory Booker and other Democrats stated that it does not matter if Kavanaugh was “innocent or guilty” and Trump had to nominate someone else. Using that same logic, the people of New Jersey have the obligation to elect another Senator.

Booker’s line of sexual assault brings to light the current situation of complacent behavior in the Democratic Party. They attempted to ruin Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s life thorough mob mentality and Cory Booker played a role in it. However, Cory Booker’s statements about Kavanaugh had no meaning after he admitted to sexually assaulting a girl in high school. If the name was changed to a Republican’s, the outcry and protests would be unimaginable. The Democrats do not care about holding people accountable, they only care about removing people that threaten their agenda. This dangerous and toxic conduct from the Democrats puts them in a tough situation for the midterm elections since they are already losing ground.

The victim states that he reached out to Ronan Farrow, a #MeToo reporter, but Farrow showed no interest. The victim stated in his tweet that “the ‘me’ in #MeToo had become a preferred pronoun for liberal women accusing conservatives.” He pointed out the movement’s flawed process of “believing survivors” in the third page of the document.

The Gateway Pundit attempted to get a comment from the alleged victim’s attorney but have yet to receive any response.

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Ariel Rivera-Diaz ran for State Assembly in the 2018 NYS Elections. He served as Bronx Borough Coordinator for 2017 NYC Mayoral Candidate Nicole Malliotakis. Ariel is an active member of the Bronx GOP and has assisted in grassroots efforts to increase civic engagement among voters. He is a recipient of the James H. Hackett Oratory Award in high school.


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