Betty Cardenas, National Chairwoman

Betty Cardenas

National Chairwoman

Betty Cardenas is a devoted wife, mother, community leader, and a successful career woman.  On the National level, Betty serves as the National Chairwoman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly the only Hispanic Organization established by the RNC. She has served as a regional co-chair for the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum’s Annual Luncheon and Auction, in Dallas.  The event raised more than $1.6 million and had more than 1,200 ladies attending.  Recently she became President of Synergy CR2, Inc. and is a federal firearm licensed dealer, in West Texas.

Betty is constantly under attack for her conservative values and her bold Second Amendment stance. Her core principals of faith, family and hard work are deeply rooted in Texas. Betty brings a mix of numerous achievements, such as working with governors, senators, and mayors, foreign Intelligence officers, international affairs and global platforms. She earned a Political Science Degree and a minor in Computer Science from UNIVA (a private Christian University).

Although her professional experience and strength include a diversity of interests; her drive to serve the Hispanic community was reignited during the 2016 Presidential elections. Betty could no longer stand on the sideline and watch how her community was getting misled and misinformed by the left-wing mainstream media. She felt an urgency to reach out to the Hispanic community. Betty also worked for President Donald J. Trump’s campaign to get the Hispanic votes in Texas. She tops the list of Hispanics most personally invited by the President of the United States to the White House. Betty was among last year’s Tribute to Women by the Texas Federation of Republican Women (one out of ten thousand members).

Betty is a Constitutionalist and an active advocate for the Second Amendment.  She is proud of her immigrant parents and their humble beginning, helping her to achieve the American Dream.  She believes unity is strength when there is teamwork and collaboration, and incredible things can be accomplished. Betty wants to continue being an active liaison between the Hispanic community and the White House, and her goal is to boost the Hispanic Republican vote nationwide.

Gabriel and Betty have three boys; Abraham 24, Gabriel 18, and Giovanni 11.  Her family attends Church of the Blessed International, where she and her husband were recently ordained as Associate Pastors. During the weekends, Betty can be found at church, the soccer fields or on the shooting range.


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