Genaro Pedroarias

Genaro Pedroarias

National Congressional Liason Officer

Genaro Pedroarias is a geospatial analyst, instructor, and Spanish media commentator who has worked in the technology and government contracting fields with involvement in numerous political projects.  Currently, he serves as congressional liaison on the Republican National Hispanic Assembly (RNHA) executive board and past chair of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Virginia (RNHA VA). Genaro appears regularly as a Republican analyst and RNC surrogate on Spanish news broadcasts.

Born to Cuban parents in Los Angeles, California, he moved to Northern Virginia in 1997 to work in a wireless telecommunications venture.

Genaro brings with him a long of career political activism dating back to his college years when he served on the board of directors of the California College Republicans as voter registration director and regional area director. He also served as chair of the Cal Poly Pomona College Republicans. While residing in California he volunteered for numerous campaigns at the local, state, and Federal level.

Genaro’s greatest political passion lies in helping elect bright, energetic Republicans to office. To help in this effort, he and a partner established, a California PAC dedicated to recruit, train, and elect young individuals to positions at the local level.

In 2003 he completed a term as president of the Young Hispanic Republican Association (YHRA). In both 2000 and 2004, Genaro was an active volunteer for the Bush-Cheney presidential campaign.  In 2004 he was even featured in numerous television campaign ads, which were also shown at the Republican National Convention in New York City.  In 2004 Genaro proudly served as a member of the elite Bush 72-Hour Task Force in the state of New Hampshire. Since 2015 he is a frequent guest commentator supporting President Trump on major Spanish network news shows airing on CNN Español, Entravision, Univision, NTN24, Alhurra TV, and Voice of America.

Genaro received his B.S. in Geography from the California State Polytechnic University and a Professional GIS Certification from George Mason University School of Continuing Education.

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