Michelle D. Martínez

National Secretary

Michelle D. Martinez is a first-generation American and proud child of hardworking Peruvian parents. She was first elected to delegate of the California GOP in 2013. Upon her first convention, she immediately chartered a new chapter of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly Pasadena. This new chapter provided conservative Hispanics in the greater Pasadena area a platform to speak their views and values and collaborate with other established Republican volunteer organizations. Furthermore, they were instrumental in presenting candidates to the local community by holding Candidate Forums and inviting dignitaries to member meetings. She has worked on Gubernatorial and Mayoral elections as well as successfully running her campaign for Altadena Town Council. She was elected to serve as Councilwoman for the city of Altadena in 2014. While councilmember, she was central to the launching of new businesses in her district as well as presiding on the Land Use Committee to review and accept conditional use permits for both residents and businesses in the Altadena community.

Along with serving her community, Michelle has an extensive career in business and consulting, and is the founder and CEO of M³ Solutions. She has restructured and directed billion-dollar operations, with practices across the globe. Michelle is steadfast to God, Family, and Country and to the commitment to leave a legacy that is sustained in faith! For those reasons, Michelle dedicates her time to growing the circle of influence Hispanics have both with local communities as well as the national level, ensuring Hispanic Americans have a presence in policy and leadership.

Michelle currently is the elected Western Regional Director for the National Board of The Republican National Hispanic Assembly. Her mission is to win the West back by connecting Hispanics across the states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. “We, Hispanics, are visionaries and builders. Our faith, imagination, and work ethic is all we need to shape our future. Because if we can imagine it, we will create it!”


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