Teresita “Terry” Phillips

National Assistant Secretary

Teresita (Terry) Phillips was born in New York City, born of Cuban parents who left the island seeking a better life. Terry has more than three decades of experience as a corporate executive in international and domestic markets with an extensive background. She has held various roles, including controller, HR Director, Vice President, Government Auditor (FDIC/RTC), and Finance Manager. Teresita graduated from High School at the age of 15 with 24 college credits, was asked to deliver the College Commencement Speech. She earned her bachelor’s degree with Magna Cum Laude honors and a Master’s in business accounting with Cum Laude honors.

Teresita’s passions away from work include her relationship with God, enjoying time with her grandchildren, and traveling the world. She has lived in NYC, California, Spain, Puerto Rico, Palm Beach, Miami, and Orlando. Teresita’s event expertise has been used to coordinate the Luis Palau crusade in the Miami Orange Bowl (95’) where 15K-16K people attended nightly for the four-day event. Terry directed, trained, and mobilized 90% of Miami’s Spanish speaking churches (within a one-year preparation for the event), and managed a total of 16 different teams for the weeklong Hispanic event. Terry also planned and coordinated the School life National conference in West Palm Beach, FL (13’) and the 4th of July and Concert in Port Saint Lucie, FL (03’).

Teresita (Terry) Phillips, is a Business owner at 5 O’clock Travel and has over 30 years’ experience as a corporate executive. She earned a master’s degree in Accounting. After her fifteen-year career as Comptroller & HR Director with her last employer, she decided it was time for a change recently joined the Vacations Everywhere team, helping other corporate executives reduce employee turnover and increase productivity by assisting management in creating a stress-free workplace.

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