The Eagle and the Condor: From the Sao Paulo Forum to the Puebla Group

The Eagle and the Condor: From the Sao Paulo Forum to the Puebla Group
January 7, 2020 Comments Off on The Eagle and the Condor: From the Sao Paulo Forum to the Puebla Group International Affairs, Latest, News Column, RNHA News Articles Juan Vega

Several countries in Latin America underwent political unrest in 2019. Violent protests in Chile, the electoral fraud of Evo Morales in Bolivia and more scarcity and repression in Venezuela. We also saw the arrival of new left-wing governments in Argentina, with Alberto Fernández, and Manuel López Obrador in Mexico. All indications are that this is not merely a chance, but a new attempt of the globalist left, organized in the so-called Sao Paulo Forum, to take control of democratic nations and impose pro-communist dictatorships. Let’s look over some recent historical events.

With the triumph of communism in Cuba in 1959, the former Soviet Union (USSR) was able to set a beachhead in Latin America. Thus, in the 1960s Cuba trained and exported guerrillas all over the region using Soviet guns. Later, the USSR and Cuba supported leftist organizations to infiltrated labor unions, peasant federations, and student clubs. This strategy led to the triumph of the Sandinista guerrillas in Nicaragua in 1979 and the bloody civil war in El Salvador. Kidnappings, military ambushes, burning of farms and violent takes of land and factories were common tactics of the Marxist left back then.

However, in 1989 the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the USSR took place thanks to the mobilization of millions of workers tired of the repression, misery, and lack of freedom lived for decades under communist regimes. While the Berlin Wall was hammered down as a sign of repudiation of communism, the left in Latin American suffered an ideological crisis and decided to change its plumage in order to survive. The lifeline was the convocation made by the Workers’ Party (PT) of Brazil and its leader Luiz Inácio Lula to form the Sao Paulo Forum in 1990.

Thus, the cynical left never took responsibility for the terrible failure of the economies of so-called “real socialism” in the USSR and Eastern Europe, nor for the deaths of more than 90 million human beings killed in the 20th century in the name of socialism by orders of blood thistly butchers like Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong. The left adopted the motto of “socialism with democracy” as new merchandise to resurrect the corpse of Marxism. The new role model of the left would no longer be the icy Soviet Union but the tropical Cuba of Fidel Castro.

The strategy of the left was no longer to openly promote communist guerrillas or revolutions, but to participate in elections and international forums to take control from the top down of democratic-republican institutions. Through the Sao Paulo Forum, the left infiltrated congresses and municipalities, and at the international level, it would influence the UN, the OAS, UNESCO, etc., to impose its agenda. “Socialism with Democracy” was renamed as “21st Century Socialism,” and is the current plan of globalist elites to export the misery of socialism and communism to the rest of Latin America.

Latin American nations must and can achieve social progress and the modernization of their political institutions. Unlike the independence in the United States in 1776, which swept away all vestiges of colonial absolutism, the independence of Latin American nations from Spain was incomplete. Even after adopting modern republican constitutions, they left much of the colonial system standing. That’s why virtually all their heroes of the independence ended up imprisoned or executed. The transformation of republican institutions is, however, the responsibility and right only of the peoples concerned and not of transnational organizations or groups that do not respect their values or sovereignty.

Listening to a speech by Fidel Castro or Nicolas Maduro demanding respect for democracy and sovereignty is like listening to a Giacomo Puccini’s opera performed by pigs. In truth, the history of communism and the left is the history of dirty conspiracies and assaults on the sovereignty of peoples, and that’s what they cynically call “internationalism.” Today the left has been monetized with powerful globalist organizations and is funded by billionaires like George Soros or by organized crime.

But more and more people are realizing that behind the promises of sovereignty and justice of the left they are hiding their sinister agenda to impose pro-communist dictators, like the heated Maduro in Venezuela. Other prominent members of the Sao Paulo Forum are in hot water as well. In El Salvador, the FMLN suffered an electoral defeat in 2019 before the young entrepreneur Nayib Bukele. In Bolivia Evo Morales cowardly escaped to Mexico when the people took the streets to protest for his electoral fraud. And let’s not forget that even in Brazil the working class moved to the right and voted for President Bolsonaro because they were tired of the corruption of Lula’s administration.

For this discredit the Forum of Sao Paolo is looking to change its facade and move its base of operations, possibly to Mexico, taking advantage of the triumph of López Obrador and the creation of the Puebla Group in July 2019. The principles of the Puebla Group are the new clothing that the left wants to use to continue to intervene in the democratic and exchange processes in Latin America.

Despite its new sophisticated language, the left is and has always been the enemy of democracy. They participate in elections and use republican institutions only as a means of coming to power. Once there they become dictators. This is precisely the advice of one of the ideological fathers of the left, the Russian communist V.I. Lenin. He wrote that parliament and elections should be used by the “revolutionaries” only to achieve the establishment of the ” dictatorship of the proletariat”, or dictatorship of the communist party, and to hold power with the force of guns. In his book “What is to be done?”, Lenin also called for legal and illegal activities to overthrow democracy to take power.

The progressive left or “21st -century socialism” does not believe in the sovereignty of peoples, so they try to seize international, financial or cultural organizations to impose from their decisions that only each nation must make. In exchange for financial support, they force governments to accept restrictions on the exploitation of their resources, accept family planning programs (i.e. abortions) education in schools promoting atheism and homosexuality, and accepting quotas compulsory immigrants. That was the model they applied in Europe and that is eventually destroying the once-powerful economies such as Germany, France, England or Spain. Anyone who opposes globalist plans is accused of far-right, racist or fascist.

Let us finish this reflection on a positive note. It is necessary to highlight the beautiful civic example that in 2019 has been given to us by the people of El Salvador and Bolivia. Especially the Bolivian people have faced harsh attacks on their sovereignty, but they have always emerged victorious for their steadfastness and their love for God and their homeland. In 1967 they defeated the armed Cuban intervention of the “Che” Guevara and now through street protests, they shook off the would-be dictator Evo Morales. The American people and the Latinos who live in America join their victory. As the Mexican president Benito Juárez once said: “Among individuals as among nations, respect for the rights of others means peace”.

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