Thoughts on President Trump’s Speech on the Immigration Crisis

Thoughts on President Trump’s Speech on the Immigration Crisis
January 9, 2019 No Comments » Latest, RNHA News Articles Robert Cross

Today President Trump addressed America about the reality of the crisis at our southern border. For the last two years, President Trump has tried to get sufficient funding for border security. In his presidential address tonight, he implored the American people to put pressure on Congress to secure the southern border.

President Trump brought up some key facts about the crimes taking place on the southern border that people need to understand. MS-13 and the Mexican drug cartels created the immigration crisis by inflicting brutality on Central America. These criminal organizations use mass-migration as a cover for their drug and human-trafficking operations throughout North America. ICE officers have arrested 266,000 illegal aliens for violent crimes including human trafficking, rape, assault, and murder.  Approximately 20,000 migrant children are used by coyotes and gangs as pawns to force Central Americans into forced labor and prostitution. During the long and dangerous journey to the United States, 1/3 of women are raped and sexually assaulted.  The violence that MS-13 and Mexican cartels inflect is spilling over into our Country.

The Trump administration is working with law enforcement and homeland security came up with a well-developed plan to deal with the crisis on our southern border. They asked for cutting edge technology to detect drugs and weapons coming across the border. It also requires 52,000 more beds for detained individuals and hiring more agents and immigration judges to process immigration cases. The plan requires that Congress closes border security loopholes like chain migration and asks for 5.7 billion dollars to construct a steel barrier on the southern border. It is the Democrats that shut down the government because of their lack of willingness to secure the southern border. Their selfishness is costing thousands of people their lives. If Democrats want the shutdown to end, then they need to provide the funding that law enforcement and homeland security said we need for our southern border.

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