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ALICE, Texas – Maggie Saldivar with Saldivar Coastal Services, Inc. lives and breaths to help her community. As a family business, her mother inspired her to take over the company in 2016. Something important to the Saldivar family is that they advocate for the state and federal policy sectors to help open client services regarding their insurance and Medicaid needs for those the clients choose to the benefits. Not having limits when it comes to contracts is very important, especially for a home health business in many counties around South Texas.

As Texas is starting its 2023 Legislation Session this January, health care will be a priority to many legislators and lobbyist teams. Health districts all over the state will be advocating for their citizens and the future of health care in Texas by helping to develop ideas for potential bills for both the Texas Senate and Texas House of Representatives. Even presentations were made to the 88th legislative session by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) scheduled in February 2023.

Healthcare was the focus of the Senate and House Committees items. The focus of upcoming healthcare legislation should be stewardship for the public and population health sectors, consolidating departments within the health department into other government agencies. That could help develop partnerships, opportunities, and collaboration for the eight health regions in Texas. Leading preparedness of consumer protection.

For instance, how Jim Wells County, a rural county in the middle of South Texas, dealt with communication of policy and advances with a Health District located over two hours away. The citizens in many rural areas depend on smaller services around their areas to help assist their needs, like Saldivar Coastal Services, Inc. Yet their policies can be tricky due to state and federal regulations that can be complex.

Another factor is the start of applying for services for family members and individuals. There are indeed many guidelines for eligibility, not just by one sector of government but possibly both (state and federal agencies). Home Health professionals and businesses must keep in the loop with their local, state, and federal representatives. They are proactively contacting their offices because the government represents those businesses and clients. The only way for growth in this particular industry is a movement for continued education and awareness. If no one, but only a small group of citizens, benefit policy, then such an approach is not being developed in favor of the majority.

When you need services for yourself or your family, remember that the government influences how everything runs. If you want to change to help those in need, be an advocate for your community. Reach out and speak with organizations. Please make a difference because one day, you might need it.

*Local Business, Saldivar Coastal Services, Inc. does not endorse nor support political affiliation.

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Amanda Friedeck Amanda Sue Friedeck was born in Corpus Christi, Texas to Silvestre and Melinda Rodriguez. Being raised in a military family, the family finally settled in Alice, Texas in 1998 to make their American Dream happen: they established Silver Star Food Stores. After graduating from Alice High School, Amanda Sue obtained an Associate Degree in Culinary Arts, a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary, and a Jurisprudence Masters in American Legal Studies. She is currently pursuing a doctorate at Liberty University's Helms School of Government with a concentration in Public Policy (Economic Policy) while operating her own local business and serves on many executive committee boards such as the Alice Housing Authority, VFW Auxiliary 8621, and the Alice Hub City Chamber of Commerce. Joining the local party in 2015 while pregnant with her second child, Amanda felt the need to get involved to help others. The next few years saw her become the youngest County Chairwoman in 2018 and Republican Party of Texas SD 20 Volunteer of the Year in 2019. In addition, she was instrumental in the Jim Wells County Republican party as a Principal Advocate, resulting in a historic flipping Republican for the first time ever in 2020. Amanda Sue Friedeck is a mother of three children and is currently residing with her husband Garrett Friedeck in Alice, Texas.
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