A Change for Life from a Mother’s Womb

A Change for Life from a Mother’s Womb
January 18, 2023 Comments Off on A Change for Life from a Mother’s Womb Faith, RNHA News Articles Diane Rivera López

As we embrace change in Washington, D.C., we recently witnessed a milestone accomplishment in the rights of the unborn. Republicans voted on two measures related to abortion, a key issue for Conservatives after the Supreme Court took down the unthinkable stronghold of Roe v. Wade. It also led to the condemnation of violence against facilities, groups, and churches that are opposed to abortions. The “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act” would mandate health care providers to take care of infants that are born alive after a failed abortion, surprisingly some Democratic leaders opposed the measure.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said that they are “doomed in the Senate” and are “extreme.” The bill would also impose criminal penalties on healthcare providers who resist. Recently, fifteen states passed new laws regulating access to abortion in 2022. Another nine states restricted access to abortion in different ways. Six states expanded access to the procedure.

These new changes won ground and many are beginning to join the pro-life movement despite the dismay and vitriol. In this debate, the voice of the unborn should not be silenced. While they cannot use words they can sense in their soul the urgency, hope, and desire to live. They need others to take up their cause and give them a voice, especially in late pregnancies.

The Rights and Responsibilities of Mothers

Women seeking abortion are facing a sensitive decision. The reason for this may vary such as cases of rape, incest, health problems, or abuse. The percentage of these cases is minimal, and it raises the question, with so many preventative alternatives to pregnancy, why isn’t that responsibility increasing? There may be awareness that there is a decision indeed, but it begins with the decision of whether to consummate a life or refrain from that choice.

The final decision can never be reversed, and many lives and families usually regret it and suffer greatly with a guilty conscience, accusations, depression, or other difficult consequences. Indeed, it will be a long road to consider what will be the best outcome for everyone. While we may not all agree on the different means that should be considered, such as counseling, legislation changes, modifying abortion procedures, or the rights that should be further implemented, we should continue to converse and address this challenge.

Fathers Should not Be Silenced

In a choice made by two people, there is also the voice that hardly anyone addresses and that is of the father. Fathers are usually silenced, and the aftereffects may also be hurtful when he is longing to see the birth of their baby, and that right is taken from them. A mother should never think she alone has a right. It involves 4 individuals, the Father, Mother, Baby, and God.

We are aware that there is not one final solution in this matter, but there can be a consensus where everyone is somehow included and considered. Legislation, taxpayer funding for abortions, doctors, religious exemptions, abortion clinics, and adoption centers can all partake in the matter, but we must be well aware that greater than all, is the right of the mother, who unlike everyone else must carry the baby to birth and raise that child to a life of health and wellness. We hope for greater adoption resources that bring children into loving homes and that they have a beautiful life. 

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Diane Rivera López Diane Rivera López was born and raised in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. As an American – Puerto Rican her extended family has now grown into 8 different Nationalities. Her calling into Ministry began in 1996, where she became a Church leader. She then became a director and writer in Trumpet Tract Ministry, where thousands of tracts were printed and sent across several Nations. She is a community advocate and has served as a community chaplain and evangelist, she has coordinated events, conferences, and outreach services and has taught at prisons and rehabilitation programs. As a speaker she has been interviewed by national T.V programs and news networks as she also had her own T.V Program. As an activist for domestic violence, she works towards creating awareness and sharing her own powerful testimony. She has worked along recognized ministries such as Christian Radio Vision International, Parada del Niño Cristiano, Subete al Arca Christian Magazine, Premios Redención, La Universidad Cristiana and Alerta T.V Network Channel 463 Verizon. Her greatest accomplishment is said to be her experiences and revelations ranging from the Millennium, the Rapture, and the Kingdom of God and is presently working on writing her first book. She studied Communications at BMCC and has credits towards her Bachelor’s in Theology. Following a passion to write, she has written 5 blogs and is a columnist for Al Rojo News, a secular newspaper. Is currently a Primerica Financial Services Representative. In 2013, she was the Deputy Campaign Manager for Mayoral Candidate Erick Salgado, who ran as a Conservative in NY, leaving her position as County Committee Member for the Democratic Party. Her devotion to Conservative Principals has catapulted her to join the National Republican Hispanic Assembly as a Journalist since 2019 and is presently bestowed with the privilege and responsibility to be the Press Secretary for the RNHA of N.Y.
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