In Alice Texas Small Town Businesses are Growing

In Alice Texas Small Town Businesses are Growing
May 22, 2022 Comments Off on In Alice Texas Small Town Businesses are Growing Local Politics, RNHA News Articles Bianca Matthews

Grand Openings seem to be trending in Alice, Tx. with small businesses opening all over town. From food and clothing to mechanic shops and entertainment, there isn’t a category this small town isn’t booming in. Is it that the hard lessons from the pandemic affected our mindset? or smart business moves?.  April Rodriguez owner of Shabby Chic and Origin Strength Co., said, “when Oil & Gas companies were no longer the number 1 income providers in Alice, people were forced to make life-changing decisions. They either found a new job to provide for their family or Invested what money they had saved into trying to create an income. The Pandemic was hard on everyone and the whole world learned hard lessons, I think that some people are saying why not chase my dream now, there may not be a later”. When asked why she thinks small businesses are on the rise and what she believes is causing her fellow townspeople to say this is the time to open up shop.

A total of 25 plus new businesses have opened over the last 5 years, in a town with a population of 19,007. Impressive numbers in a time when our nation’s economy isn’t looking so Hot. Small Businesses seem to be thriving in the midst of it all, with more than 50 percent of businesses successfully staying open in Alice. A majority of new owners seem to be Women with big dreams wanting to create something new in town. The local economy is seeing a positive effect says April, and she contributes to the growth of New Businesses with New Ideas shaking things up with events like “Main Street Shopping” and “Merchants Downtown Events” individual events. They not only generate revenue but they provide essential advertisement for all the downtown merchants and showcase each shop’s unique products, Bringing in need exposure to the town and allowing for growth to happen because it creates a buzz.

Native Resident Melinda Cruz has attended the events downtown and says she loves the new events happening in Alice. She enjoys being able to dance and eat while she shops her heart out and said “Being able to support my childhood friends’ businesses and enjoy it seals the deal, I tend to shop longer and spend more on these days. I believe it’s like a wave of positive influence and encouragement happening in Alice. Were the community promotes shop small and shop local every chance they get”

So has the pandemic made people stop procrastinating and chase dreams now? or Are we seeing smart business moves at play?

April says its a mixture of everything community support, smart choices, hard work, and life’s lessons that have created this vortex of positive progress and I’d dare say The answer seems to be clear community support and smart business moves are the main factors in what’s happening in Alice, Tx. Whether you decided to chase your dreams to open shop because you were forced to find another way or you decided that you were going to chase your dream because you learned tomorrow isn’t promised. The town of Alice will cheer you on and support your journey because in this small town they understand that shop small and shop local is so much more than those Four words. It means we support you, we believe in you, and no matter if you are brick and mortar or hustling in your homemade office we want to see you succeed, We want to see the town succeed. Whatever you believe is the reason for the recent trend in Alice, Tx, I guarantee you’ll only smile the next time you hear of a Grand Opening and silently cheer for the success of someone’s dream.

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