American Elections Deja Vu

American Elections Deja Vu
January 5, 2023 Comments Off on American Elections Deja Vu RNHA News Articles Jennifer Barreto-Leyva

Watching the last U.S. elections closely, I feared they were a rehearsal for the Venezuelan elections. Since we live in tyranny, we vote, but have no true choice. In a tyranny, a single person chooses who wins, in this case, Nicolás Maduro, and they make sure to create a “legal” illegal system, so solid, so nefarious, and often unstoppable.

Line delays to vote, power failure “coincidentally” in the electoral center so machines can´t work, therefore internet goes down, delay in the counting of electoral ballots and so I can continue describing one by one, all, absolutely all the situations that Americans lived this past November 8. Why? Because we Venezuelans have all experienced them. It is a system created and studied step by step, exactly, with all awareness and knowledge of the great damage it will cause.

This was a sad, bitter and painful “déjà vu”, which reminded me of the past 24 years I’ve lived, one by one, during the “Bolivarian revolution” as leftists refer to it, or the process of destruction and ferocious degeneration Venezuela has experienced, as every decent and conscientious Venezuelan calls it. 

I saw this coming. Exactly one year ago, Michael Johns, co-founder of the U.S. Tea Party Movement in my show “Politics in Skirts,” he was brutally sincere when I asked him in a hypothetical scenario that former President Trump run in the elections to be held in 2024 what his chances of winning would be if he ran for office in 2024. He answered bluntly: “as long as one of the voting machines they used in Venezuela, swarming the world, there will not be a credible election, of whatever nature, in any place

For some reason, perhaps naivety on my part, I didn’t expect his answer, since I was not sure someone who wasn’t Venezuelan could study and understand the complex and macabre system step by step. And as Michael Johns predicted a year ago, all elections around the world have had the intervention of these machines, which were made as some naively believed, “only” for Venezuela. The real goal was achieved.

The left, unlike us, acts united, does not rest, and has a wild and very effective communication system. They were little by little introducing the idea, to the point that it seemed normal to many, or at least that’s what they made belief, and ended up one by one, installing this macabre system, which took away any possibility of decent, healthy and transparent choice from the world, starting with us in Venezuela.

This electoral process that has just taken place in the United States is already flawed and lost all credibility. However, we still have time, not only in the United States, requires action at full speed but in every country, where there is an apex of freedom and these machines are playing a role in this conversation. Automated voting systems must be repealed, removed, and never again used for any process involving the fate of a country.

Unfortunately, the battle is lost for my homeland Venezuela, but as the eternal optimist that I am, I firmly believe that we are in time to keep what little freedom, democracy and sanity remains in the world. This is the moment when the legislators we just elected have to take action.

There is no more time to waste because once freedom is lost, there is no turning back.

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Jennifer Barreto-Leyva Jennifer Barreto-Leyva is an attorney, journalist, and writer born and based in Venezuela, raised in Puerto Rico. Pro-life activist. Former Fox News correspondent. President of Club de los Viernes chapter Venezuela, General coordinator of Mujeres en libertad. Host and producer of the shows Politics in skirts, Política en faldas, The Talk and The JBL show. She is part of the editorial national board of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly. TV and radio host. Former Venezuelan ambassador at the Britts Global organization in the United Nations. Politics analyst in Radio Oasis in Florida and in CTV Barranquilla in Colombia. Opinion columnist, President of The Ladies Coalition. Co-founder of the platform Saber y Política.
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