America Cleans Up The Streets

America Cleans Up The Streets
November 6, 2019 Comments Off on America Cleans Up The Streets Local Politics, RNHA News Articles Rosanna Gonzales

Americans have recently taken it upon themselves to begun to be the change they want to see. Various states in America have participated in doing their part to clean up America. Cities in America have been criticized by media, citizens, and our President for becoming breeding grounds for sickness and diseases due to the amount of filth and garbage in the streets. A large portion of this is also affecting the growing homeless crisis in various states. The people of the communities have started a movement of care for their neighborhoods and other people’s neighborhoods as well. Many of these citizens have complained their leaders are not doing the job.

In California, many citizens have criticized Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom who seemingly continues to express support for California aiding foreign countries and ignoring the homelessness that engulfs the cities in California. Recently California Patriots stepped up to organize city cleanups. Anthony Cabassas California State Chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly gathered Conservative activists to skip the climate strike and clean up a homeless camp in Los Angeles’ Hollywood district. Conservative Leaders Grace Saldaya California Marketing Director and one hundred Citizens worked with the Los Angeles Police Department Officer Jess to clean up the city.  They spent their time doing things taking action not protesting but raking leaves, picking up trash even removing toxic items.

New to office San Bernardino Mayor John Valdivia joined in the efforts with his community in a city clean up. Citizens got active picking up trash in their city’s downtown recreation area. Citizens gathered in San Bernardino County various groups, churches, and organizations had volunteers come out to assist the leaders with the event Team Up to Clean Up. The other leaders involved with helping with the event include San Manuel Assembly Member Eloise Gomez Reyes, Supervisor Josie Gonzales, and Assembly Member James Ramos. Businesses who gave support include Wells Fargo, Home Depot, and Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches. Also San Bernardino Pubic Works, San Bernardino Police Explorers, and Inland Empire Job Corps. (Please refer to Mayor John’s Facebook page for the September 27th post.)

Citizens in Belton Texas decided to go out and clean up a Historic South Belton Veterans Cemetery in their community. Groups such as the Cen Tex Proud Boys participated in the cleanup of the cemetery along with other people in the community to honor the Veterans who fought for America. These veterans’ graves were from very long ago such as the Mexican War and the War of 1812. Friends, neighbors, and families participated in this unique clean up event. Texas citizens wanted to do something good to honor their community of Veterans a different plus honorable cleanup.

While the Left is out causing chaos and causing more trash to build up as we have seen leftover from the climate change events. There are Right side Conservatives out with everyone in the public who are uniting cleaning up our cities and communities being the change and keeping America beautiful. Americans everywhere can do their part get involved in your communities today.

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