An Interview with Duke Machado on the Delegate Initiative

An Interview with Duke Machado on the Delegate Initiative
December 11, 2019 Comments Off on An Interview with Duke Machado on the Delegate Initiative Press Releases, RNHA News Articles RNHA NEWS

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Duke Machado the Social Media Director of the RNHA on his project the Delegate Initiative. This bold new initiative will change the shape of politics in the 2020 elections.

Robert Cross: “What is the Delegate Initiative? ”

Duke Machado:” An effort by the RNHA to recruit Hispanic Republicans to become National Delegates and attend the RNC National Convention.  Our efforts include fundraising, to help offset the cost of attending the National Convention. ”

Robert Cross: ” For our audience who may not be familiar with it, what is the National Delegation?

Duke Machado: “The National Delegation is comprised of Republican Delegates from each state, who come together at the National Convention, to handle the business of the Republican Party Platform as well as the Nomination of the President of the United States of America. “

Robert Cross: ” What Motivated you to start the Delegate initiative?”

Duke Machado: “When the 2016 Convention happened, I was watching from home.  I wasn’t a Delegate that year, and watched from home as some Republicans attempted to create a “Delegate Revolt” to “Release” the delegates and “allow them to vote their conscience.”  It was at this time I realized I had to be at the next National Convention, and I would also help to make sure more like-minded Hispanic Republicans, like me, were there with me. “

Robert Cross: ” Why should people support a Delegate?”

Duke Machado:” Delegates need support because it is a voluntary effort that requires lots of money to participate.  We feel that money should not discourage a passionate Hispanic Republican from getting involved in the political process.  By supporting this Delegate Initiative, you will help committed Hispanic Republicans to offset the cost of travel, hotel, and meals, and ignite a fire in them to do more and inspire others to participate in elections and vote. “

Robert Cross: ” What can individuals do to get involved with the Delegate Initiative?”

Duke Machado: ” To get involved, simply submit your information on our website, and you will begin to receive information to help you start your National Delegate journey.  We are launching marketing projects and we encourage all applicants to submit a video, explaining why they want to become a National Delegate and why it matters so much to them.  The effort will always need writers, bloggers, video producers, podcasters and media support.  If anyone wants to help promote, we would appreciate the likes and shares! ”

Robert Cross: ” What would make the Ideal Delegate?” 

Duke Machado: ” The ideal National Delegate is someone who loves this country and supports President Trump’s Re-election.  They must have integrity, tenacity, energy, and courage.  They must work as a team, and be strong enough to stand alone.  A Delegate must be about service and duty to our country.  They must love their fellow Americans and be willing to stand for them. “

The Delegate Initiative is going to be a crucial next step in the Republican National Hispanic Assembly’s 2020 Presidential Election Campaign. It is time for Hispanics to take a stand for what they believe. By supporting the Delegate Initiative you are supporting Hispanic voices to nominate the President and shape the Republican Platform. Let your voice be heard.

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