Antifa and Black Lives Matters Burn Bibles During Portland Riots

Antifa and Black Lives Matters Burn Bibles During Portland Riots
August 10, 2020 Comments Off on Antifa and Black Lives Matters Burn Bibles During Portland Riots Latest, Local Politics, RNHA News Articles Robert Cross

During the ongoing protests in Portland, Oregon Black Lives Matters and Antifa protesters gathered together to burn Bibles and the American Flag. According to the New York Post, this occurred right outside of the federal courthouse as part of BLM and Antifa’s 60 days of demonstrations after George Floyd’s murder. The 60 days of demonstrations have been getting progressively more vulgar and violent as the weeks pass on.

The Blaze reported that the Protesters dumped garbage in front of the Center of Justice and then proceed to batter the garage door of the Court House. In the video, that Blaze’s report shows that they also have sprayed graffiti on the exterior of the Court House. All while shouting ” Fuck you, Trump.” The rioters also set large fires around the courthouse and throughout Portland. The Blaze reported that during the latest demonstrations that 150 rounds of Ammunition were fired outside of an apartment Building injuring a Female by the standard. Officers on the scene said that 8 occupied apartments were struck but no one else was injured.

These are not peaceful protesters marching against injustice as Martian Luther King Jr did during the civil rights movement. Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters are responsible for vandalizing public and private property and attacking individuals with weapons and explosives. Now Black Lives Matter and Antifa are burning flags and Bibles to protest ” racial injustice”. When any group starts to burn books and flags it will not be long before they start burning the people that believe in them.

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