Blue Collar Workers Benefit From Trump’s Tax Plan

Blue Collar Workers Benefit From Trump’s Tax Plan
November 18, 2018 No Comments » RNHA News Articles Ariel Rivera

There’s no doubt that Trump’s tax plan has been helping many Americans, however, is it helping Blue Collar workers? Larry Kudlow, a White House economic adviser, says that it is and he has the numbers to prove it.

The October numbers reported a 3.7% unemployment rate and an additional 250,000 jobs. Wage gains are increasing and blue-collar workers are the beneficiaries. These numbers have exceeded expectations and are making history in the United States economy. On Sunday, Larry Kudlow spoke on a segment of Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo and said that “the employment increase is largely centered on Blue Collar workers, they are the ones experiencing the largest wage gains.” Larry Kudlow further states that “the marginal tax rate reduction now down 21% for large companies and 19% for small companies.” These numbers benefit the blue-collar worker because it allows wiggle room for higher wages. The full interview below:



The voice of the blue-collar worker is being heard by a competent administration and their policies are a reflection of that. Many Democratic leaders say that the benefits of the Tax Cuts are crumbs, however, these leaders fail to understand how important these tax cuts are for Blue Collar workers. However, Democrats are planning to push back on Trump’s tax plan. Democrats, like Kamala Harris, have shown support for a repeal and replace of the tax plan. This replacement aims to give poor, working-class families $500 per month, $6,000 a year. Democrats never liked the idea of seeing our economy grow and have been attacking the economy with their socialist agenda.

The American Dream is back and blue-collar workers are experiencing it. America’s economy is booming because of Trump’s Tax Plan. Working-class citizens finally have an administration that will take their voices seriously.

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