Californians “Back the Blue” and President Trump

Californians “Back the Blue” and President Trump
October 20, 2020 Comments Off on Californians “Back the Blue” and President Trump RNHA News Articles Rosanna Gonzales

California is considered a blue state but a red wave of support for conservative policies are spreading across the state, and the Republicans of California are no longer the silent majority.

In southern California, thousands of patriots showed up on Labor Day weekend along the shores of the San Diego Bay for a Boat Parade and Rally in support of the California Law Enforcement, the Co-Pilot Foundation, and the 2020 Republican Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump.

Californians from all across the state gathered at the waters of the San Diego Bay with various boats, trucks, cars, and motorcycles. They proudly carried their Red, White, and Blue, American flags, “Back the Blue” flags, and their Trump 2020 flags. Patriots excitedly wore their MAGA hats, Trump 2020 hats, “Back the Blue” hats, and t-shirts. The event was organized by Congressional Republican Candidate for California’s 53rd District Mr. Chris Stoddard, Nick Garcia of Nitro Gun Co., and Barb Beach of Radioactive Broadcasting radio.

The rally started at 12 pm in the afternoon, the sun was blazing hot at 113 degrees and hundreds of boats took to the waters with their flags flying high. Patriots across the Bay cheered on the Boaters, Flying Jets, Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles as they passed by. The people were shouting, “Vote for Trump” “Back the Blue”, “Trump 2020” “USA” and “Four more years”!

Various organizations were represented as well such as Latinos for Trump, Bikers for Trump of California, and Women for Trump. The supporters were all smiling enthusiastically holding up their signs, flags, and wearing their patriotic gear. The event page on Facebook showed 4.6 thousand interested Patriots, 1.3 thousand shared the event and 2.2 thousand went to the event. Among them, it is possible there were nearly 50 thousand spectators of the San Diego Labor Day Boat Parade.

California Conservatives are standing up and standing out in this twenty-twenty election season. America has seen the Conservative base in California showing their support with continued rallies and events in various cities such as Beverley Hills with the support of California resident and celebrity Scott Baio, along with the cities of Riverside, Redlands, Rancho Cucamonga, Chino, Costa Mesa, Fresno, to name a few.

Republicans of the Inland Empire all the way to the Bay cities and counties are going red. During the twenty-twenty primaries according to Fox News  an estimated 33.91 percent of California Democrats voted for Democrat Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, 26.57 percent of California Democrats voted for Presidential candidate Joe Biden, and 91.9
percent of California Republican voters went to the polls to cast their vote in support of the Republican Presidential candidate Donald John Trump.

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