Castro Threatens’ to Exterminate the Ladies in White

Castro Threatens’ to Exterminate the Ladies in White
November 18, 2018 No Comments » International Affairs, RNHA News Articles Robert Cross

In an investigative report, published on Babalu Blog they discovered evidence that the Castro Regime is moving to exterminate the Ladies in White.  The Ladies in White are a group of Catholic women who peacefully protest the unlawful imprisonment of their loved ones. They are the daughters, mothers, grandmothers, and wives of Raul Castro’s political prisoners. Agents of the Castro regime arrested Caridad Burunate, Asuncion Hernandez Carrillo, and Tania Echevarria on Sunday. Agents of the Castro regime captured the women on their way to Church and proceed to threatened them.

The women said that the Castro regime intends to eliminate all-women in the movement within six months. The Castro’s brutal regime views the Ladies in White as agents of the West and traitors of the Revolution. The Castro regime is trying to sweep its dirty laundry under the rug and the Ladies in White are just the latest victims of the Castro dictatorship. The youngest victim of the Castro regime was a five-month-year-old girl aboard the 13 de Marzo.

Liberal celebrities applaud the Castro regime for its many “innovations” and social programs without ever commenting on their cost. The Cuban people are paying a heavy price for social progress. Namely all their freedoms and blood of the innocent. Many people bought into the lie that Castro would bring democracy to Cuba. All socialist leaders come with open arms and gifts to seduce the people into a false sense of security. Then once the revolution comes the nation is bathed in blood and the people’s rights are stolen. One day the people wake up and the promises that the regime made disappear like vapers in the night. It is time for the Hispanic community to wake and see socialists for what they are. They are murders. They are thieves. They are liars.


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