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Arizona State
Michelle Candelaria Cooper, Chairwoman
Michelle was voted into the office for Arizona State Chair in May of 2020. For the past year, Michelle has served Arizona RNHA as its videographer, webmaster, and director of social media. She is the owner of Media Company Community Talk Studios and Her company helps small to medium-sized businesses with Video Production, Graphic Design, online marketing, leveraging SEO, video channel development, social media marketing, Crowd-Sourced User-generated content, custom content, Website design, and social media/reputation management. She helps businesses manage and develop their online presence using Photos, Video, articles, and SaaS (Software as a Service). She understands business owners need help protecting their business from false, unfair, unverified, and competitor generated reviews. Michelle understands the need to keep loyal customers happy and coming back more often while increasing favorable word of mouth advertising. All of this, combined with the need for video and custom content lead to the development of This information combined with over 27 years’ experience and a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism and a MBA in Ecommerce gives Michelle a unique perspective on managing the business on the world wide web. Michelle believes in Fatih, Freedom, Family, Finacial independence, and The Consitution. She Founded POPUSA.Org an organization geared to helping Protect Our Police, People Constitution. Her family has been deeply rooted in She attend Living word the Four corners Area since the 1800s. She attends Living Word Bible and is thankful for the chance to keep America Great and Keep America Free.
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California State
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Kansas State
Fabian Shepard, Chairman
Minnesota State
Richard Aguilar, Chairman
North Carolina State
Charles López, Chairman
Pennsylvania State
Puerto Rico US Territory
Alberto Escudero, Chairman
Texas State
Carmen Crenshaw, Chairwoman
Virginia State
Jo-Ann Chase
Wisconsin State
Coming Soon
Washington State
Benancio García III, Chairman

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