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Arizona State
Lori Martinez, State Chairwoman
-Originally from Illinois, moved to AZ in 1983 -Graduate of University of Phoenix, Business Management -President of the Black Canyon City Chamber of Commerce from 2007 to 2014 -2017 and 2018 Outreach Ambassador for the largest women's GOP organization in the country, specifically reaching out to Hispanics and bringing them to the Conservative table. They formed this board position for me after understanding the need after I spoke to the organization on "Why I am Hispanic and a Republican" -Founding member of Republican Women of Black Canyon in 2018 and was Co-Chair for 2018, 2019, and 2020 -Accepted into the Dodie Londen (Excellence in Public Service Series) Class of 2021 -Founded RNHA-YC in 2020 and current Chair
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California State
Eddy Alfonzo Marmolejo, State Chairman
Eddy Alfonzo Marmolejo, son of Mexican and Honduran immigrant parents, was born in Huntington Park, California in 1988. The 4th of 5 children, Eddy was the first to be born in the United States. Eddy was the first in his family to graduate High School and go to college. He attended California State University San Bernardino and obtained his undergraduate degree in Political Science in 2006, and Graduate Degree in National Security Studies in 2012. In 2018, Eddy co- created the media company M/M Talk Media. Eddy currently is the producer and show host for the bilingual podcasts’ M/M TALK and Soy Americano.
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Connecticut State
Ruben Rodríguez, State Chairman
Ruben Rodriguez was born in the town of Utuado, P.R., and raised in Jayuya, P.R. until he was 11 years old when his parents moved to the City of Chicago, IL. After a few years, Rodriguez went back to Jayuya, P.R, where he graduated from Josefina Leon Zayas High School. After that, he continued his studies at Jobs for Progress Inc., earning high honors in the American Airlines Travel and Business Agent. Ruben then started work at the Electrical Power Authority; then, he decided to move to the State of Connecticut, in the City of Waterbury, where he has resided for over 19 years with his wife and three children. Ruben worked really hard to become a productive member of society. He worked at Precision Pipeline Solution as a Supervisor and is now working for the City of New Britain as a Meter Technician for the City’s Water Department. While working, Ruben Rodriguez studied at night in the Institute of Technology & Business Development at CCSU, where he received a Certification for participating in the Business Entrepreneurial Program. In 2014, Ruben helped found the LNRCCT, in which he became the Chairman and worked hard to spread the message of our Republican Party values to our state’s diverse communities. In 2015, Ruben was appointed by Republican Senate Leader Sen. Len Fasano (R-34) to the Commission on Equity & Opportunity, where he served two years. Ruben worked hard in Hartford to advocate for Republican principles of opportunity and hard work.
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Florida State
Santiago Avila, State Chairman
Chairman Avila is the founder and CEO of eLev8 Florida, LLC, a Florida-based consulting and marketing firm with local and state clientele. He also dedicates his time to charities and volunteering for causes he believes in. Chairman Avila is of Cuban and Mexican descent and was born in Chicago, Illinois. As a former Youth Pastor, He enjoys involvement with the youth in his community. He believes that youth groups and youth clubs can help keep today’s youth out of trouble, providing a much-needed vehicle to address challenges and contribute to a sound foundation for future success. As a business owner, he understands the meaning of hard work. He knows the frustrations that are involved in regards to dealing with the government and its inefficiency. He also understands the difficulties involved in opening a new business and wants to help the community be informed. Chairman Avila is a social media influencer known as “The Constitutional Conservative” and hosts a Podcast called Hispanics Lead Right with a listenership of over 25K people worldwide. He has had Elected Officials like Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Rick Scott, Congressman Michael Waltz, and Congressman Byron Donalds on his show. We have included links below of State and National appearances, Chairman Avila has done for community events on behalf of the RNHA. Despierta Orlando CBC – Latino Voters help push Trump to Victory The People – The Great Divide\
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Georgia State
Carli Eli, State Chairwoamn
Carli is a multi-media, grassroots and communications professional with fluency in English, Spanish, conversational French and conversational Brazilian Portuguese. Carli has professional experience engaging in mainstream and multicultural markets using cross-platform solutions. Carli has extensive knowledge in strategic business development, brand positioning, integrated marketing and grassroots outreach within the private and government sectors. She’s also been an active leader of various multicultural organizations and diversity initiatives to enhance community causes in the areas of school choice, stem education, workforce development, financial literacy, civil rights, advocacy and individual empowerment.Currently, Carli is a Regional Grassroots Director for BLEXIT and the Communications Director for FLAME.
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Kansas State
Ben Salcedo, State Chairman
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Indiana State
Victoria Gresham, State Chairwoman
Victoria Gresham is the State Chair of the Indiana RNHA chapter established in 2021. She entered the political arena and rose through the Republican ranks first as a poll worker, elected Precinct Committeeman, District Vice Chair, and State Delegate. Since 2013, she has held her position as Porter County Republican Party Vice Chair and in the Spring of 2021 was elected to serve her third 4 year term.Victoria has proven to be an integral part in local campaigns including races for Circuit and Superior Court Judges, County Council and Mayoral seats. She received the 2015 Up and Coming Woman in Government award by the Indiana Influential Women of Northwest Indiana and is an alumni of the Class of 2014 with the Richard G. Lugar Excellence in Public Service Series statewide leadership program, named after the late U.S. Senator Richard G. Lugar. Her community involvement includes the Lions Club, the Indiana Genealogical Society and is currently serving her 2nd term as Executive Board Secretary of the Porter County Parks Foundation. Victoria holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with dual majors in Political Science and Theology from Valparaiso University and was inducted into the Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society. She pursued her graduate studies at Indiana University Northwest School of Public and Environmental Affairs. Victoria is active in music ministries, a proud wife of a United States Air Force Veteran, mother of 3 adult children and blessed with 8 grandchildren.
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Minnesota State
Richard Aguilar, State Chairman
Nevada State
Jesús Marquez, State Chairman
New Jersey State
Angel Rivera, State Chairman
Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, Angel is a proud Puerto Rican with love for his heritage. Raised by a single mother but with a large family, they had to live off of love and laughter. Poverty was the only language he understood until he stepped out of the four corners of desolation in search for a better future. Despite the obstacles of the inner city, he became a self taught graphic designer. At 16 he practically worked for free but used that time to learn how to use design programs and create a skill that eventually would be the key to his success. After years of creating top selling apparel for iconic sport brands, he now supervises and mentors a team of his own. He has received awards and praise for innovative ideas in the fashion industry. His goal is to inspire the youth, show them that their environment doesn't dictate their future, only hard work and determination does. After years of progression and information this former liberal has a new found love for America and it's founding documents. He stands tall and defends the principals of the United States against those who want to tear it down. He has put himself on the front lines in social media and at events to boldly defend the Constitution.
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New Mexico State
Ronnie Lucero, State Chairman
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New York State
Mairen Torres, Chairwoman
Mairén Torres was born in Massachusetts of Colombian parents. She grew up in the state of Florida and now lives in Long Island, New York.  Mairen is a lifelong Conservative who came from a very humble beginning, as she watched her mother work full-time during the day and go to school at night to equip herself and provide for her family.  Her mother instilled in her the value of dedication, love, hard work, and good Spanish cooking.  Today, she is a Business Systems Architect within the Healthcare Industry, with vast experience in business administration across a wide range of industries, working directly with the Regional Director of Merrill Lynch, as well as other healthcare leaders as CEOs and Leadership Executives. Mairén graduated with honors in Communication Disorders, from Adelphi University. She also graduated with honors from the Assemblies of God, with a degree in Bible Theology and Christian Education. She has a passion for local outreach and international missions. In November 2018, in the company of her Church’s Missions Team, they successfully launched a much-needed communal Medical Clinic in the mountains of Loma Larga, Honduras.  Mairén has distinguished herself working and volunteering in the capacity of Fund-Raising Administrator. At her local church, she functions as an Audio/Visual Designer, a Worship and Devotional Leader, and Girls Ministry Teacher. She is also an accomplished Christian recording artist, publisher, and songwriter.  Mairén enjoys spending time with her adult children whenever possible, alongside her husband Rey Torres, National Chief Administrative Director at the RNHA. Above all, she is a devoted Evangelical Christian, who values ministering with her husband at their local congregation.
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North Carolina State
Charles López, Chairman
Pennsylvania State
Sheila Perez Smith, State Chairwoman
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Puerto Rico US Territory
Nelson R. Albino, Chairman
Texas State
Larry Rubin
Larry David Rubin is an American living in Montgomery County, Texas with Mexican origins from an American father and a Mexican-Spanish mother. Today he is the Texas state Chairman for the Republican National Hispanic Assembly, which was formed under the initiative of President George H.W. Bush when he was RNC Chair in 1967. The RNHA (as it is also known) in Texas has a presence with local chapters in different counties around the Lone Star State. He is also the President of The American Society, which is the American community in Mexico, together with the U.S. Ambassador in Mexico, who is the Honorary President, representing two million Americans living in-country, all American companies, and American NGO’s. He is the leading American voice in Mexico and advocate pertaining to Mexico-U.S. relations for almost 20 years, being continuously interviewed by media in both countries. Since 2004, he was asked by the GOP to serve as Chairman of Republicans in Mexico with a clear mandate to get out the vote and also defend the conservative ideology through all outlets including television, radio, print, schools and universities, plus also promote its Presidential candidates; he has been intrinsically involved in the campaigns of reelection for: President George W. Bush, for John McCain (part of his Mexico City visit as candidate), Mitt Romney and President Donald Trump in both his bids and also in his Mexico City visit on August 2016 (as candidate). In the professional sphere, Larry, out of the Houston office, is the Latin America Managing Partner for Chicago based DHR International, one of the largest search firms in the world, where he has placed top executives both at the Board and executive level. He has been fully committed to this industry since 2012. For 20 years, he has been CEO of American companies. He has worked for U.S. business interests close to two decades, representing American investment in Mexico. Whilst being the CEO of The American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico, he was instrumental in supporting important initiatives and legislative proposals, as well as being critical of those that would hurt Mexico and its investors. In 2005, he brought together the three Presidential candidates: Lopez Obrador, Madrazo & Calderon, a task that no other organization did before or after. Prior to this, he was the Managing Director for Dallas based American Airlines in Mexico, position he reached at 24 years of age. In that role, he was elected as First Vice President of the National Air Transport Chamber and was also in the Board of Directors of CONCAMIN, the confederation of Industrial Chambers (equivalent to NAM – National Association of Manufacturers) and is currently a Vice President and United States Ambassador of that very important umbrella organization. He has also been a professor at one of Mexico’s leading universities. Often cited and written about in publications and TV programs, he also writes as a columnist for Forbes and other periodicals. He has been featured in the Dallas Morning News, USA Today, NBC, Wall Street Journal and other media as a businessman and expert on the U.S.-Mexico bilateral relationship. Because of his merits, he was being considered for United States Ambassador to Mexico by President Trump’s Administration. Larry is also very active in community work as a former Rotary Club President and founder, United Way Board member and former Board member for Habitat for Humanity. Graduated with a bachelor’s in business administration and set to graduate in 2023 with a Master’s in Business Administration from Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business, he also has two honoris causa doctorates in issues pertaining to the bilateral relations. He is the proud father of two young children, Isabella aged 11 and Larry aged 10 and as of August, they will be attending a public intermediary school in Conroe’s ISD.
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Virginia State
Jo-Ann Chase
Washington State
Benancio García III, Chairman
Wisconsin State
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