Concentration Camps vs. Migrant Detention Centers

Concentration Camps vs. Migrant Detention Centers
July 16, 2019 No Comments » History, Latest, RNHA News Articles Ariel Fierro

What has been spread through the Left upon U.S. migrant detention centers being compared to concentration camps reveals that history was not explicit enough for them. Concentration camps are widely known through World War II events that happened within Poland, Germany, Austria,  Hungary, and other countries. Specifically targeting Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, people with disabilities, political opponents (communists, socialists, social democrats, and trade union leaders), and other groups. However, detention centers mainly hold illegal immigrants or refugees for short periods awaiting trial or sentence- nothing more. 

Conditions within concentration camps will never compare to conditions within detention centers, nor will illegal immigrants or refugees within the U.S. will experience first-hand execution from a gas chamber, a direct gunshot, or even be forced into labor. However, images from several detention centers around the Southern border emphasize the crisis this nation has in pertaining to illegal border crossings and legal asylum claims. 

Vice President Mike Pence witnessed the overcrowding in two detention centers in Texas, as well as personally spoke to several individuals within the male and female family units asking questions about the care they have received and the journey they had coming into the United States; an evidence “of a “system that was overwhelmed.”

Immigration was and never is a race issue, but whether or not one is a law-abiding citizen, however, the media along with Democrats will implement it is as such. This issue cannot be illustrated enough to those who continue to believe that underneath Trump’s administration is vile are not aware of what “recycled children” are or the number of false asylum claims is filed. The Holocaust distributed discriminatory laws, internment, and genocide upon targeted groups while-as this administration is seeking Americans first as well as fixing what has been damaged. 

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