Daniel Crenshaw Refuses Pay Amid Government Shutdown

Daniel Crenshaw Refuses Pay Amid Government Shutdown
January 24, 2019 1 Comment Latest, Local Politics, RNHA News Articles Robert Cross

Congressman Dan Crenshaw wrote a letter to the Chief Administrative Officer today to have the government hold his paycheck during the Government Shutdown. During the Shutdown, Congress is still getting paid however federal employees are not. It is encouraging to see a member of Congress that is willing to put service above personal gain. While the shutdown is in place millions of federal employees are struggling to make ends meet. In his first true act of leadership, Crenshaw is sacrificing his own pay and family’s well-being to share in the suffering of his men. Just a month ago Lame-Duck Republicans went home ending the last session of Congress and prolonging the shutdown

Democrats have been seen taking lavish vacations to places all around the Nation during the shutdown.

Congressman Crenshaw and other Republicans have been working hard to end the shutdown while the Democrats seem to be hell-bent on prolonging it. Since they are unwilling to give President Trump the funding necessary to secure our southern border. To put this in perspective could you imagine your spouse refusing to pay the bills because you want to put a fence around your house to keep your neighbors from vandalizing your yard. There are hostile members of the cartels that are trafficking women and children as sex slaves crossed our Southern Border. These same gangs sell illegal drugs that destroy families and kill our children. They steal, rape and murder people all throughout Central American and the United States. Thousands of people have died because of these belligerent criminals and the Democrat’s solution is to do nothing.

These same Democrats are making money while holding Federal employees’ paychecks hostage. It is disgusting that these people are willing to accept any money while keeping our public servants from their paychecks. Leaders show their true colors in hard times like these. Alexander the Great during a major campaign ran out water for his men. His lieutenant ran up to him and offered him the last of the
water the arm had. Alexander the Great took the water and dumped on the ground. He firmly stated, “if my men do not have enough to drink then I will not either.” True leaders suffer from their people in a crisis. Congressman Dan Crenshaw showed this type of leadership this week. The Democrats too have shown their true colors as well. Their actions during the shutdown have marked them for eternity.

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Robert Cross Robert Cross is Spaniard and Cuban on his mother’s side. He started his career in public service working in local ministries that provided education assistance to k-12 students in San Bernardino County, and low-income assistance to disabled people, veterans and refugees. He has been a published in Borgen Project Magazine, Borgen Project Blog, and Collaborator. Robert earned a master’s degree in Public Policy and International Affairs from Liberty University and a bachelor’s degree in History from the California State University of San Bernardino. If you enjoyed the article and would like to see more, become a member or donate to the RNHA today! The Republican National Hispanic Assembly is a not for profit organization. We are an independent media institution funded by small donors. We depend on you to continue to produce quality content.
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