“Democratic” Socialist Millionaire Bernie Sanders: The 2020 Laughing Stock

“Democratic” Socialist Millionaire Bernie Sanders: The 2020 Laughing Stock
April 28, 2019 No Comments » RNHA News Articles Ariel Rivera

“Democratic” Socialist, Bernie Sanders, appeared on a Fox News moderated Townhall event in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Throughout the Town Hall, Sanders praised the destructive ideology of Socialism. However, Bernie Sanders was not consistent in his “everyone pays their fair share” ideology. Prompted of whether or not he should pay his share, he deflected the question to focus on Trump. It is clear that Bernie Sanders will keep his millions in his socialist fantasy, and he has no plans on distributing his own money. Bernie Sanders fails to understand that his socialist ideas did not play out very well in countries like Nicaragua, where Ortega flaunted his ability to kill innocent protesters in 2018, in Venezuela where inflation rates reached 2,688,670% and in Honduras where innocent children were killed for being in the street and labeled as gang members.

He later stated that the nation Should not focus on President Trump but mentioned Trump twice during his statement. He failed to practice what he was preaching; this is a common occurrence from Sanders. When asked “How can you challenge the idea that socialism is bad in the minds of the public?” He made a gesture to the moderators and said “You might ask them, not me” and later said, “You ask me fair questions, I will give you fair answers.” Bernie Sanders seems to have forgotten that he is in politics and in the world of politics there are no fair questions especially if they are a presidential candidate.

If anything, the nation should be cautious of Sanders. His infatuation with Socialism should concern all the people who escaped it. His want for “fair questions”, Gun Control, and socialism brings up a valid inquiry, does Sanders want to run this nation to the ground?

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