Democrats are the Real White Supremacist

Democrats are the Real White Supremacist
March 6, 2021 Comments Off on Democrats are the Real White Supremacist Op-Ed, RNHA News Articles Dennison Rivera

White liberals hate black [and all minority] conservatives because we don’t see ourselves as oppressed. Fundamentally, because we view ourselves as their equals. That’s the issue.

 – Candace Owens

Recently in Montana, Rep. Mary Ann Dunwell (D) introduced a House Joint Resolution 12 in which Montana would declare that “white supremacist neo-Nazi violence is domestic terrorism.” Keep in mind I live in Montana. I do not know of a person in Montana that does not condemn racism, white supremacy, and Neo-Nazis even though that 90% of the state’s population is white.

In her opening statement, Rep. Dunwell bases her whole case on an article published by “24/7 Wall St,” which mostly runs financial news that states Montana is number 1 for the most hate groups, per capita. House Joint resolution 12 vaguely identifies who or what constitutes white supremacy.  As Defined in HJ 12, white supremacy “White political and economic, as well as demographic, dominance and is at odds with our commitment to inclusion and multiracial democracy in the State of Montana.” Despite this, Rep. Dunwell like many Democrats wanted her moment in the spotlight while ignorantly practicing the very principles she claims to be against. 

Democrats were furious when I personally testified at the Judiciary Committee at Montana State Capital as a proponent of the resolution to claim “this [would] criminalize Democrats who have a long history of White Supremacy and racism.” Let me prove to you how Democrats are the real perpetrators behind white supremacy and racial division. 

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines racism as the ” belief that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. ” Note that racism is not just about discriminating against someone that you see as inferior but also a feeling of superiority to others. The belief that white people dominate people of color in our society, is itself a racist ideology. 

While leftist extremists point the fingers at the Republican party, they should instead point them towards the Democrats. It was Southern Democrats in the American Civil War that fought to keep slavery. These same Southern legislatures imposed the Jim Crow Laws that suppressed black voters and implemented segregation. Democrats opposed voting rights for minorities and the civil rights movement. Rep. Dunwell and the Democrats celebrate people like Margaret Sanger as champions for women’s rights while ignoring that she was a racist who wanted to exterminate minorities. Margaret Sanger attended a Ku Klux Klan rally in 1926 in Siler Lake, N.J, and in a letter, she said this” We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population..”

Democrats only use minorities as talking points for their campaigns to win elections. Take a look at President Joe Biden’s recent actions, he met with a number of civil rights groups and excluded BLM, continued Obama’s policy of putting, illegal immigrant kids in cages, and continues to support Planned Parenthood, which placed 79 percent of its “surgical abortion facilities” within walking distance of Latino and Black Communities.

Exclusively, targeting white people is racist, thinking you are superior to others is racist, and believing that I have fewer rights than you because of the color of my skin is racist. The entire Democratic Party is pushing a racist ideology that causes civil strife and division within the Republic and it is time that Americans wise up to their lies. 

About The Author
Dennison Rivera Dennison Rivera is a small business owner, marketing entrepreneur, Chairman of Lewis & Clark Young Republicans, LCCRCC Precinct Captain & former Montana Legislature Republican Candidate. Born in Houston, TX, and a first-generation American from a Colombian/Honduran family. His wife is also Colombian, and they live in Montana, the Treasure State. Rivera is heavily involved in city politics, where he motivates the community to get more involved and be informed. Rivera is passionate about helping those in need, whether it’s helping businesses with their marketing or making a difference in the community. Rivera is confident, outgoing, and direct. He speaks his mind and bluntly calls things out as he sees them. Rivera is honored to have grown up with the freedoms and opportunities this great nation provides. He recognizes that to preserve these liberties and ensure our American culture; we must speak up and exercise our freedom of speech.
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